Shot a Taurus and it didn't suck

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by AzShooter, Mar 30, 2012.

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    I was at the range today practicing with my 617 for the upcoming Steel Challlennge event here when a friend asked if I'd like to shoot his new Taurus .22 Tracker.

    I was surprised of the way it fit my hand. Grips were a little small for me but it felt nice. It shot six (6) inches low for me but that's no big deal.

    My friend had been complaining about the trigger being hard. I found it comfortable at about 8 lbs. Very smooth and easy to break coming straight through the action.

    All in all I was pleased and surprised with this gun.

    He had to send it back to the factory twice because the barrel cylinder gap was too small but I think he's got that all worked out now.
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    That last sentence is key. Two trips to the factory should have worked most of the suck out of it. :rolleyes:
    I would really like to buy the 992, but I'm unwilling to roll the dice at this time.
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  3. notamoocher

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    Picked up a new 992 earlier this week. Had decided to get a new 22 revolver to do some backyard shooting before having heart surgery next week. Wanted a ruger sp101 or the Taurus. None of the local shops had the ruger so I got the 992. I have owned several Taurus guns in the past with no problems, carried a model 85 ultra lite for years. When I got it home I gave it a lookover and found no problems. Fit and finish were great, trigger was fine, no metal shavings nothing to complain about. Later in the day I sit up in the backyard and shot it about 50 times. I only put 4 magnums though it didn't have ear plugs. Everything worked great ejection on the lr cylinder is a little tight with Winchester ammo. I am no marksmans by any standard but the gun .shot nearly center at 20 yards with the lr's and about 6-7 inches high With The magnums. I have already ordered a mount and red dot for it. I look forward to a lot of good times shooting with my sons with this gun.
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    Be sure to post followups @ 250, 500, 750 and 1K.
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    Installed a Baska 1 X 30 reddot. my son and I put another 150 rounds though it. Very pleased with the gun.