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    and it looks like I’m a latent Glock owner.

    I took the ‘NRA Basic Pistol Course’ today. One of the instructors brought some (some!) of his collection, and another brought a few of his as well. After the class we were invited to try any and all we were interested in. There must’ve been 30 or 40 different handguns available to us. We were five students to three instructors. They were right behind us CLOSELY watching how we were shooting, correcting us, and offering suggestions on which handgun, grip, position, etc. they thought we should try next.

    I shot full, compact, & subcompact sized pistols & revolvers; made by S&W (old style), Ruger, Colt, Glock, Walther & Sig; in .22LR during the class, and 9mm, .38, .367, .40, & .45 calibers after.

    I’ve got thin arms and long skinny fingers. This what I found. YMMV:

    I had been considering a small 9mm Ruger/Kahr/Keltec, but the LC9 (& CW9 & PPK I tried in a store) was hard for me to rack and hold. It jumped the most.

    I didn’t like the way the any of the revolvers balanced in my hand compared to the automatics.

    I didn’t like the L O N G hard first trigger pull and the short easy trigger pull on the DA/SA automatics.

    I found many of the buttons, releases & catches on the larger automatics inconvenient & hard to operate.

    The full size .45 1911s were also were hard for me to rack and hold, I had FTFs because of limp wristing (wrist fatigue?). There weren’t any 9mm New Agents or Defenders to try.

    I found the Glocks the easiest to rack & release. The magazine was easy to release as well and I also preferred the consistent trigger operation.

    All of the above would count for nothing except that my Glock groups were also the tightest.

    I really don’t see the how the small difference in size between the G17 & the G19 is the difference between concealability or not. It seems to me if you can hide a G19, you should be able to hide the G17, and if you can’t conceal a G17, you won’t be able to hide a G19 either.

    I liked the G17, but I’d like to try a G19 with a magazine extension to see how that feels.

    The class and NRA Power Point was good and thorough. What was most beneficial however, were the instructors’ guidance and the experience of firing all those different handguns, and that wasn’t even part of the ‘official’ class!
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    Wonderful!! It looks like you learned a lot about shooting and about what you prefer in a gun. Good job!

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    Looks as though you are becoming a pack'n, shoot'n Glockaroo...
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    I also took that same course with my girlfriend today to get her comfortable and experienced with firearms as well as further my knowledge on the topic.

    I am pretty sure shooting is a part of the NRA course, however firing all of the different handguns is a small bonus you had over my class.

    I also used a Glock 17 that I borrowed from my boss at work, and I shot a group so tight it put a large hole in the paper!!

    Look into joining the GSSF and becoming a multi year member to get a discount on a new Glock. Waiting for my packet to get here so I can go buy mine!!
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    I'm not so hot on Glock. But honestly, if Glock works best for you...that's pretty cool.

    Why? Because you can land just about any auto caliber in just about any frame size for $500-600. That ain't too bad. The only thing they lack is slimmer frame options.

    And if you buy a Glock 9mm or 40sw, do yourself a favor and buy a $400 KelTec Sub2000 carbine rifle in the same caliber, with the Glock magwell. You'll thank me later if you do.
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    Oh, I forgot to add something for those who may take the course:

    If you can, take the position on the left end of the firing line, and bring a baseball cap to wear. I was on the right end and was treated to brass falling like snow flurries and/or hail across my field of vision and arms.