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    I'm fairly new to the AR world, anyway I have a Bushmaster, 20"bull barrell flat top for about a year now. I have been shooting pretty much all Wolf 62gr. ammo without any issues until now. It's ejecting but not chambering the next round. I've been told a couple of different things could be wrong, the one that make the most sense is the gas tube being obstructed. Any other ideas or fixes out there? Can the gas tube be cleaned without removing it from the rifle?
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    AR Short stroke :

    Is there lubrication present on the bolt and carrier ?

    Gas port may need to be opened up for function.

    Have you changed the stock ?
    Rifle stocks need rifle buffers and springs, CAR stocks need CAR buffers and springs.

    Check the bolt and gas rings for wear and powder build up...everytime you shoot an AR it craps into the bolt/carrier.

    Just a few suggestions.....and avoid Wolff Ammo ( very dirty but cheap )
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    If you're shooting that laquered ammo, it's probably built up laquer in the chamber. Laquer-thinner, then clean it.
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    Things that I look for when my rifle starts to do this. It has happened a few times, so now I check it more often..

    Check your gas rings. Put the bolt in the carrier and turn facing down. If the bolt slides it is time to replace the rings. I change them when I can easily pull out the bolt.

    Check your gas key and make sure it is tight on the carrier. Also the gas tube end and the carrier key do wear some, so it may be time for at least a new gas tube. I used to measure mine and have them handy, but I don't currently have them.

    As was stated, check to make sure that you are using enough lubricant on the carrier and in the bolt. For the bolt, it needs lube and doesn't perform the best when there is little/no lubrication in it. It is a piston inside a cylinder.. lube it.

    I have never seen a plugged gas tube except for one with a pipe cleaner stuck in it... :(
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    Thanks for the input, I'll check it tonight.