Shootings at NIU in Northern DeKalb..........

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    Oops. That title isn't quite what I wanted it to say.

    Shootings at NIU in Dekalb, Illinois

    February 14th, 2008...........

    How the NIU Massacre Happened - TIME

    Feb. 19th, 2010

    April 14th, 2010....

    Police: Shooting near DeKalb campus did not involve student - Chicago Breaking News

    Oct. 14th, 2010.....
    Not a shooting but a terrible murder of a young student......

    How the NIU Massacre Happened - TIME

    April 8th, 2011.........

    - Elgin Courier News

    Sept. 29th, 2011

    Police: No arrests made in Wednesday night shooting - Northern Star Online: Campus Crime

    Today.... November 23, 2011....,0,2209455.story

    I don't live in DeKalb but it is the biggest town near me. I am about 12 miles away from DeKalb. I think the problem is the inner city 'thugs' come to NIU campus to party with their "homies" and cause trouble. Most of the crimes listed here (if not all) are not committed by NIU students or even DeKalb residents.

    My oldest is an alumni of NIU and had just graduated the year before the Feb. 14th, 2008 shootings. I woke up at 1500 to the breaking news on the radio. I raced in to work to help. I called my son to ask him to check on all his friends who were still students. The Blood Bank is my main department and we were pretty busy until about 2000. There were lots of tears amongst us workers that day. I can't imagine sending your child off to college and him/her never making it back home. All those hopes and dreams...........gone in an instant.

    What the hell is happening?
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    Unfortunately I'm not too far from NIU either. The information that I receive is that NIU is no longer a "good" school. Meaning that there are a lot of unsavory activities right next to campus. The friends that I had which attented fairly recently all stated that they stopped going out at night, if they did it was out of the area. This is heresay since I do not have a source to back it up, however I have heard it time and time again. I hope they can turn the school around (along with the surrounding area) to make it a great place again.