Shooting with your support hand

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by locnload, Aug 24, 2010.

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    Every time I go to the range I try to send 10-20 rounds downrange with my left hand. Try as I may I just dont get it, I could just as well be holding the gun with my feet and pulling the trigger with my big toe. Can anyone give me any tips on how to start from the begining to keep steady and aim accurately? It is just getting frustrating. Please send help! :confused:
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    Try holding your right hand tight in against your chest, that will help to steady your weak hand. Also remember to bring the sights up to your line of sight, don't dip your head towards the gun...and oh, practice, practice, practice.:) You may also want to keep the distances down to 7 yards or so until you get the sighting right and then move out to 10, 15 etc.

    You have spent a lifetime developing muscle memory that favors your strong side, it will take time, patience, discipline and practice to shoot accurately from your weakside.

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    Go to plan wall in your house with nothing on it. Get in your stance and point the gun at the wall. Place strong hand to chest as Jpyle stated.

    As your looking at the sight's squeeze the trigger. If the front sight moves adjust the amount of finger on the trigger and repeat.
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    Always triple check that the handgun is unloaded.
    What works for me is to use the TV or light switches at various distances. I have a couple of handguns that have more "dry fire" time than "live fire" time. Muscle memory has a lot to do with shooting.
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    Have you tried...

    Cant the gun slightly to the right (assuming your support hand is your left hand). Also you may need to work on strengthening your support hand grip. If your grip (especially trigger finder) is not strong enough, you may be turning the pistol to the right every time you press the trigger as the rest of your hand is compensating for weakness in your trigger finger.
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    Practice shooting with your weak hand

    In the Army we are trained to shoot with both our strong hand and our weak hand. The reason for this constant training is a little known fact of war. The enemy when they shoot at you (especially the untrained terrorist enemy) aim not at your head or center of mass, but aim at your weapon, because that is where the fire (danger) is coming from. This causes a lot of wounded in the strong hand, arm, shoulder situations. Hence we train to be able to switch to the weak hand and continue the battle.
    If you have a really weak hand and even if you don't, (I am ambidextrous) do not stand up there with only one hand on the pistol. Grab that gun with both hands and then you will not have a shaking hand. I practice about half of my shooting (50 rounds or so) with each hand. I also practice drawing from my right hand holster with my left had. And sometimes I just wear two holsters one set up for the left hand and the other for the right hand. Works for me.