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Having some sparetime this morniung I ran down to my local indoor range to try out the Dan Wesson .45 and shoot a few through my Charter Arms Bulldog .44. The Dan Wesson shot and functioned beautifully, not a hiccup with the 100 rounds of Magtech hardball. Groups were decent considering this is the first time I have shot this gun. I was a little disappointed with the sights on this piece as at 61 years old I had a hard time seeing them. Thet are a type of night shights and do not stand out well for my eyes in daylight.I actually feel that the sights on my Bersa UC .45 are much better than the CBOB's. I tried MT's shooting programm of shooting strong and weak hand. I now uderstand why they call it the "weak " hand. Was able to preform double taps quickly and with a good deal of accuracy :D:D

I only shot 25 rounds through the Charter due to paying $32.00 per box of 50 Blazer ammo. John D. Rockafeller I am not. The Charter also preformed perfectly with good accuracy and was a pleasure to shoot. Sorry no pics but haven't learned how to get the film out of the camera and on to the computer as of yet.

Good shooting and shoot safe

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