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    Hello. I recently was able to shoot a borrowed 40-caliber Hi Power Standard Model that came with adjustable sights. The pistol was stock. Its owner had made no changes to it in any form or fashion.

    The 40-caliber Hi Power I shot was this Standard Model that came from the factory with Millett adjustable sights. The trigger-pull measured 7-lbs.

    The pistol fed, fired, ejected and extracted flawlessly and the slide never failed to lock open after the last round was fired. I made no adjustments to the rear sight not only because the pistol is not mine but because its owner had it pretty well "dialed in" himself. Shooting was done only at 15 yards due to my having a limited amount of time and other folks were using the 25-yard facilities.

    Slow-fire 10-shot groups were fired at 15 yards using bullseye targets. My goal was only to shoot for group; I wanted to see if I could even approach the mechanical accuracy that the 40-caliber Hi Power possesses.

    This Hi Power was fired with the following .40 S&W ammunition:

    Winchester 180-gr. FMJ
    Remington 165-gr. Golden Saber
    Remington 180-gr. Golden Saber
    Speer 180-gr. Gold Dot Hollow Point

    I did not shoot the pistol very much, certainly not enough to amount to any determinant of durability or reliability. Less than 120 shots total were fired, all of it commercial factory ammunition. Ejected cases consistently landed 10 to 12 feet away and none exhibited any signs of excessive pressure.

    Group sizes were similar with all of the ammunition fired in today's range session. I believe that the 40-caliber Hi Power has enough "built-in" accuracy for most of us. I know that it does for me.

    Reliability was 100%.

    Sixteen years ago I owned Browning Mk III in .40 S&W but soon sold the pistol. I simply preferred the 9mm in the Hi Power platform and while I shot a few 40-caliber Hi Powers over the years, none were mine and my times with them, sporadic. For this reason I had forgotten how comfortably the steel-frame Hi Power handles the forty's recoil.

    Today's shooting session was more enjoyable than I envisioned and more comfortable than I remembered. Though I still have no desire for a 40-caliber handgun, were that to change I would definitely be looking for an FN or Browning Hi Power.

    For those who might be interested, a more detailed report is here:

    Range Report

    Best and good shooting.
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    Impressive report SACamp, kudos.

    I do likes me some BHPs!

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    SA, excuse me if I name the part wrong, but the part that goes through the frame, that (I think) pulls the barrel down. I've seen on some Hi-Powers (in 9mm) that the piece would work loose. What is your impression on how it would hold up to the .40S&W?
  4. SACamp

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    Hello. I think you are referring to the cam, the sort of oval-shaped steel insert visibible on both sides of the frame. The barrel rides on it and while not common, they have come loose and in some instances, broken. In forty-years of shooting Hi Power the only pistols I've actually seen with damaged cams (cracked) were in heavily-shot pistols using waaaaay too weak of recoil springs that should have been replaced thousands of shots earlier!

    It can happen but I think it is the exception rather than the rule. Sadly, if it does occur, the fix is expensive.

    I think it will hold up fine in the 40-caliber. The slide is heavier and a 20-lb recoil spring reduces rearward slide (and barrel) speed.

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    Thanks. Yes, the ones I saw were in Europe that people used for IPSC. And without SAAMI, the loads did get a little hot.

    Thanks Again
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    Thanks for the report. I also prefer the 9mm Hi Power.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Excellent detailed Range Report SACamp, and a damn nice BHP pistol to boot! ;)
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    Now thats a Blue-Ribbon Range Report!
    I've wanted a BHP since I watched Beverly Hills Cop for the 100th time as a kid:D
    I think It may be my college graduation present to myself since I'l prolly just get a vacuum cleaner or something from the family;)
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    Great report. Everyone should try shooting .40 from a full size steel gun. While I haven't shot a .40 BHP, I've owned 2 Para P16s and they were a lot of fun to shoot and very reliable. I for one would like to have a single stack 1911 in .40, Kimber made them for a time and I fella I know locally has one - but won't sell it to me...