Shooting Steel Targets

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    OK I know everyone is going to get a kick out of this. Why don’t the rounds ricochet off the targets? Is it because the round is soft and it just mushrooms up and drops kind of dead. I have always wondered but was afraid to ask, because I know a few will get me. I might deserve it a bit, so let’s hear it. Where the hell do the rounds go????

    And you guys that can shoot outside dont know how good you have it. I hate the indoor range, gives me a head ache everytime. I wear (3) types of ear protection. I think its the venting.
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    Bullet Ricochet Nearly Kills Shooter

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    That scared the crap out of me. It looks like it ricocheted off the back stop.

    I think with an angle back stop and swinging targets that isn't likely to least I hope not.
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    "Bullet Placement" take that to the bank! - cane


    "For people who are concerned about lead spray from steel targets, we point out that spray is distributed in a circular pattern perpendicular to the angle of impact. It goes up, down and sideways regardless of the aspect of the target. (You can test this with cardboard shrouding if you wish.) Thus, nothing much is accomplished by slanting the target at minor angles. Eventually, of course, you will achieve ricochets, but target display will suffer." - Jeff Cooper 2003

    Steel Challenge
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    It happens from time to time. From what I've experienced personally, it's not so much the lead bullet but the copper jacketing "spraying" as it comes apart on impact. I've had a cigarette I was puffin' on ventilated by copper spray, once or twice to the leg. (No injury) Always wear your eyes and be aware of other shooters. I use an outdoor range and we never shoot HP's at steel for that reason, only FMJ's