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    This is my first article so please bare with me. I would like to talk about shooting styles and reflections of the person. Now what do I mean by this, you will see. Today I was helping a guy who is new to shooting sight in his M4and he said something that I hear ALOT with new shooters both at the range or in the Army, he said I sighted my rifle in at 25 yards but when I shoot at 100 yards I shoot way to high and I don’t understand what is going on. Now lets look at that, most people who are new to shooting watch shooting video's and see the results but not how it was achieved. It took me a few minutes to explain that when you zero in to 25 yards using a red dot or iron sights you have to compensate for elevation up or down out to 300 yards for which it is zeroed depending on if you use a battle sight adjustment.
    The second thing you hear a lot are new or semi new shooters asking why with a basic sight in they cant shoot 1 MOA groups at 100 or 200. Once again this in my opinion is a lack of information, after reading and looking at pictures of nice tight shot groups at a few hundred yards they don’t realize they have a standard sight in for hitting targets of unknown distance out to
    the max set range such as sighting in a M4 at 25 meters to get a hit on a man size target out to 300 meters.
    This brings me to the name of my ramble, there are 2 basic styles of shooting, supported (bench) and unsupported. Shooters should realize that the nice tight sub MOA groups are done with a good rifle sighted in to a specific range on a known distance range. Now does that mean that a sharp shooter cant do that? no it can be done but with tools and skill to find the range, adjust the scope and achieve a first shot hit. The average person will not get a sub MOA group after reloading but if they use the 3 shooting principals they will get dam close and more then good enough to get the job done.
    Now if you look at some of my post under range report you will see I shoot a 4" to 5" group at around 15 to 20 yards with a pistol and 4" to 5" groups with a rifle at 100 to 200 yards on the center mass of a target. Now most people will scoff at that and say that I cant shoot that good but I ask you this, on center mass of a 2 leg target will it not get the job done? does a BG care that you did not get a sub MOA group on him? If you get a 10” group on a target at 300 meters does it matter or is it important that you hit your target? So what is my shooting style? I shoot unsupported only because I do not like shooting off a bench therefore I get 4" to 5" groups standing and shooting. There is a saying in the Army, train as you fight, when I shoot I do not take 2 minutes between my shots, I use quick follow up shots. This is where supported comes in, people who shoot sub MOA groups are doing off a bench with a rifle dialed in to that distance, if you were to take them and that rifle, stand them up and have them shoot at a different range without
    resighting in their scope their sub MOA groups will start to open up a bit. Now with that being said yes I understand there are that few people who are good at picture perfect shot groups but I am not speaking to them, I am speaking to the average shooter.
    The point of this article is don’t be embarrassed of a 4" group, ask yourself, did I get the job done? That old guy a few seats down smiling at your 4" group at 200 yards unsupported will more then likely not be able to stand and do the same thing. The majority of people who shoot bench only care about slow methodical shooting with picture perfect groups at a set range, Since you have a basic battle sight in you are going to have to compensate for elevation at different ranges and thus you will hit the target but you may not have magazine worthy shot groups which goes along with shooting at a set ranges.
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    Sorry it jams it all into one even after i seperate it.

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    Unfortunately lots of folks are restricted to a specific shooting style due to the rules of the range. On the range that is available to me if you shoot more than 1 shor per second you get a warning persist and you get banned.

    You also see a lot of pics of tight groups cuz people are looking to demonstrate what their gun is capable of.

    I cant shoot prone at my range due to the layout of the firing line and firing lanes. Unsupported standing and sitting is doable. There is often more than just inability to shoot off hand going on.

    I personally have given a short primer on ar15 a1 and a2 sights to folks. When im out the 300yd line the range master on the line i frequent often asks me to help a noob sight in their new black rifle and explain the sights