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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Gordo323, May 18, 2010.

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    Hi all, yeah I am trying to organize an effort to clean up a local shooting spot and would appreciate any advice/ directions to pursue this, I believe it is on B.L.M. land. Every year I am seeing more and more no shooting signs at places I used to shoot and don’t want to lose another. Thanks for all comments!
    After thinking about this and discussing it with friends and co-workers, I can really come up with no real solutions other than that which has already been suggested and urging every one that uses these public areas to take it upon ourselves to leave with more than we came with.
    I thought about renting a dumpster and having it placed at an entrance and recruiting volunteers to spend a weekend cleaning, but then I felt that I would be exposing myself to legal liabilities if someone were to get hurt etc., then there is the possibility of live rounds, lead, etc. ending up in the dumpster.
    I also considered contacting the B.L.M. and asking for their assistance, but figured that bringing it to their attention would be one sure way to get them to post it “no shooting” as they have done in so many other places.
    I am going to send emails to the N.R.A. and see if maybe I could convince them to sponsor some sort of event, we’ll see if that goes anywhere.

    In the meantime I have decided to just start shooting there more often, but I will be packing a rake, shovel, work gloves and trash bags in addition to firearms.
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    I have no advice for you....but I have to say that I commend you for wanting to do the right thing! Good job!

  3. cpttango30

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    Just go out there and start cleaning it up.

    Maybe find a local message board and post on there that you want to get the area cleaned up and you are looking for help. Maybe buy some cheap *** burgers and con your Household 6 into cooking some burgers for people who show up.
  4. Wheelspin

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    Would it be worth trying your local sheriff's office or police department to see if they would sponsor some kind of once a month gun safety meeting? You may find a local LEO who would give up some time to help educate his or her community. I'm not saying you need the education Gordo but it would give your preferred shooting spot some more official backing as a fun friendly but safe place to shoot and by doing that it would attract more like minded shooters like yourself.

    Likewise the NRA like you mentioned. They may have a local firearms instructor willing to help out with the same kind of thing.

    Promote the place at your local gun shops, in your local newspaper?
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    You may find a local LEO who would give up some time to help educate his or her community. I'm not saying you need the education Gordo

    Yes Wheelspin, I never thought about that avenue, and I never turn down any education, thanks. I know some local LEO's but didn't consider asking their opinion as they have their own ranges.
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    FWIW, The National Public Land Day is Sept 25, 2010, I know it's a little ways out, But the BLM and other state agencies are always looking for help to clean things up in certain area's, Our local 4x4 club has an annual clean up and fence building, But I'm certain if you have an idea of what you want to do, Get people to join in your cause they will assist you in making it happen.
    I know of the gauntlet that was thrown down, If you plan something, I will try to assist, But my weekends are just about to become full with Market.
    Good luck
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    My daughter, the Lovely Miss Freefall organized a beach cleanup in Anchorage a couple of years ago. She drew up a poster, went to a printing shop and got them to make about 30 copies for not much, went to the Moose's Tooth, got them to donate a couple kegs of beer, some meat market donated some polish sausages, another meat market donated some burger, city heard about it, called her up and brought in a couple of dumpsters. She had everybody from grannies to Hells Angels out picking up crap and eating burgers. They all had a great time. Doesn't really take much but somebody to say "Let's do this!" She taught me a lot right there.
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    Yeah, thanks Brian, Im glad you read this and support my quest! I am not a Hippie from Colorado, and I have to apologize for my post on Utah Firearms Forum, I replied in haste to a response, and I still have alot of freinds and family in Colorado and none of them are Hippies. I'll continue to keep the website in my favorites , and I am determined to clean this place up!
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    Before I moved over here I used to shoot at an outdoor range that was supposed to be maintained but never seemed to get done. It got to the point where me and a friend just went out there and cleaned it up ourselves. WE ended up with a crap load of brass. I don't think I"ll ever have to buy 9mm and 40 brass again.I think we still have a 4-5 6 qt. containers of each. Not to bad for hauling off some crap.

    It seemed pretty crappy for a place we had to pay to get into (three bucks a car load) and people did pop in checking plate numbers to see if you did from time to time. But when ever we talked to any of them we got the run around and calling the offices of those that where supposed to deal with it. Other than he mysterious appearance of cut logs to hang targets on no one ever did anything with it. We didn't want them to use it as an excuse to close it so we just did it.:cool:
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    I think I know the place you're talking about... just across the Utah lake from Provo?

    Last time I went shooting out there my friend brought his busted big screen TV, we put a whole in it you could crawl through:D:D:D
    And don't worry, we took it with us.
  11. danf_fl

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    You may want to get vols to sign waivers as a CYA. Something along the lines of knowing the risks but are continuing anyways. Also, see if some organized group (Boy Scouts, etc...) may want to pitch in. A little PR goes a long way in the community.