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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by ArmyGuy, Dec 28, 2012.

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    I have a question for any left handed rifle shooters out there. I am ambidextrous, and while I write and do most things right handed, I shoot rifles left handed. Having said that I have never fired a left handed bolt action rifle. I'm considering a new purchase and wondering if I should go for the left handed models or not? Have you ever gotten your hands on a left handed rifle only to discover its uncomfortable to work the action after only handling right handed models?
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    Yup. Happened to me this year. I am left handed, and I shoot a right handed Bolt Action with my RH on the for end, and LH on the butt. Shells eject across the front of me. It's very comfortable to me. Earlier this year, I bought a LH Savage. Much harder to shoot it with the bolt on the left. Not sure why. I believe it also has something to do with which eye is your dominant eye.
    I'd track down a LH model to compare before you buy one. FYI, Savage seems to have dominated the LH BA market. Mine is also a thumbhole stock, so there is no way you're going to shoot it other than LH. The benefit to this is not too many people will want to/can shoot it!:D
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    I will definitely do my best to track one down close by and see if I can get my hands on a lefty.

    My next question was going to involve Savage and Remington. Maybe this has been beat to death on here multiple times, but choosing one of those manufacturers which one would be my best option? I know I haven't gotten down to specifics yet, but overall, which one has better overall quality, customer service, etc.
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    There is such a thing as being left handed but right armed. An old boss of mine wrote with his left hand but threw a football, swung a bat and caught a baseball like a righty...
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    I'm right handed but left eye dominant,and have always shot left handed. I shoot both LH and RH rifles,and have no problems operating the bolts on either.
    I also shoot RH,but it took me some time to get used to shooting that way. I can shoot almost as good RH as LH with rifles/shotguns,but still shoot pistols better LH.

    As far as a brand of rifle being better,just go try different ones out,and which ever one fits/feels the best should do.
    Savage,Remington,Browning,and Tikka all offer LH models.
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    I'm right handed with a dom. left eye. I shoot hand guns rt. and long guns left. I bought a left handed Rem .22 one time and it was really awkward and I just couldn't get used to it so I sold it. All my long guns are rt. handed and I work them just fine.