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    im a newbie on the forum here and have a question for you guys. I have only been shooting about 8 months now and am having a hard time with target shooting. im always left. sometimes an inch, sometimes more. My handguns are Taurus PT 145 .45, XD sub 9mm, Keltec pf9, and walther p22. Ive had some buddies shoot my guns and they are not having problems, so i know its me. Question is, do i try to change my shooting style or adjust my sights for me and only me? Thanks.
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    I would suggest taking a class or two and getting some new habits set in place. Trigger control is one element of accuracy.

    Welcome aboard, too. We have an introductions thread where you can tell us all about yourself.
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    shooting left for a right handed shooter usually means not enough finger on the trigger causing the shooter to push the trigger...Left handed shooter getting too much finger on the trigger. Getting some formal training would be a good idea. And some dry firing to see what the muzzle is doing when the trigger breaks. Remember...A little bit off at the point of departure can add up to inches or more at the target.
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    The chart above is the first place to start.

    How big are your hands? The guns you listed are all small. That can make it difficult to get your trigger finger in the right position. My wife has a smallish pistol. In my hand, the natural position of my trigger finger puts the trigger almost on the second knuckle. To press the trigger correctly, I have to contort my trigger finger so the middle knuckle is hanging out in the breeze, and it's difficult to press directly to the rear. It fits her hand perfectly, though, and she can shoot a 1" – 2" group offhand at 7 yards with that thing all day.

    If any of your friends have a full-size gun, try shooting that and see if it helps. It'll at least be fun.
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    having all the rounds striking left is not as big of a concern as your shot group.

    If you have a nice and reasonably tight that you are comfortable in everyway except that the group center is too far left, then I see no reason why drifting the sights right would not work for you. Could be a trigger control problem or you may just see the world slightly to the left.

    Try adjusting your trigger contact points first, if this does not help, then readjust your sights to your hearts content. It's your gun, make it shoot where "you" want
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    I'll assume you shoot right handed?If you don't have enough left hand support your pull of the trigger is actually going to push your muzzle to the left and up(you would think it would be the opposite but no)Try to get that left thumb lined right up on the left side of the gun near your trigger finger with a little pressure to counteract your trigger pull.
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    Thanks guys for all the info. I do shoot right handed and my hands are on the smaller side. I had a full size px4 storm(my first gun ever) and shot it better, but was still left. I jus really like the sub compacts. My groups are always tight(prob 2-3" at about 25yards, except for the walther p22, its alittle bit larger. I will try the trigger advice if that doesnt work i may try to adjust the sights a little. Thanks again forthe help.