Shooting Glasses-Blind as a Bat!

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    What kind of Safety Shooting Glasses do you use when you are blind as a bat?? :cool: I need tri focal lenses but the lines are in the wrong place to enable me to see the front sight and or the target. I think if I get a special pair of glasses with the line right in the middle of the lens (focal point at the front sight at arms length for pistol and rifle) it would be a good thing. Does anybody have this? Also do you recommend tinted lenses, yellow lenses? I shoot at an indoor range as much as outside.
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    You may want to look into "occupational lens". They are cut with the normal bi/tri focal on the bottom half and a bifocal on the top, leaving the center open for your normal far vision. Most shooters are more comfortable when they tilt their head slightly down/forward in a some what aggressive shooting stance. When you do this, you will be looking more through the top part of your glasses lens.

    These occupational lens where originally designed for machine operators who had to read/adjust pressure gauges, or rpm gauges on machine console that were high over head. To prevent the operator from having to adjust their bifocal glasses every time they needed read a gauge, they place another bifocal section in the lens at the top.

    Using occupational lens allows you to use the glasses you wear everyday, all day, and in the event you need to use your gun in defense, you are more likely ready, rather than have to hunt around for special glasses you only use at the range.

    There is however a catch!! Occupational lens are really weird, especially when you first start wearing them. It takes a while to get use to them, you may have headaches, and some folks just never wear them long enough, giving up on them before they get use to them.

    Before I learned how to shoot without glasses, I used the occupational lens on all my corrective glasses. Also, I tried the progressive transitions and they didn't work as well for me as having a distinct line between the far vision and the near bifocal lens at the top.

    Hope this helps, or at least gives you an option to consider.

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    Blind as a bat

    I had the same problem with my pistols. I wear bifocals and could not get a good sight picture. Got a crimson trace laser. It has been the greatest thing since white sliced bread.
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    a eye glass shop that grinds their own lenses is what you need. over in waterford wisconsin there is a place called pfluegge optical that custom makes lens for every sport. he had me bring in a rifle and pistol and made custom glasses with the bifocal centered in each lens to give proper focus on pistol sights and rifle sights. my glasses have three sets of lens that are shatterproof. cost was only 60$ higher in total than a standard setup.

    ive got a normal set, one that works with rifles, and one for pistols. might be worth you effort to seek out a eyeglass maker willing to work with you.
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    The special glasses that Jon mentioned is probably the best solution, but you might try what I did. I bought a pair of "reading glasses" at the drug store. I used the reading chart that was provided & selected a pair that allowed me to read the bottom line when standing just outside of arms reach. Plus, wore regular safety glasses which are designed to go over your eyeglasses. It worked pretty well, but my main concern with accuracy was from a self defense point of view. I realized that when I am out & about, I will not be wearing those reading glasses. So, I went back to range practice with my regular glasses & a blurred front sight.
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    Sounds like you need Laser Eye Surgery. Worked WONDERS for my mom!!
    She was almost legally blind, now she can see and sez its like being 30 again!! :D