Shooting from High Stance

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by BrowingX06, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. BrowingX06

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    Was shooting my 30-06 at 200 yards using my sons 4x4 truck bed( rail) as a rest. The truck is slightly lifted and I was at the peak(as high in my stance) of where I could rest the gun and shoot at a target 3 ft off the ground. The bed sides are almost level with my shoulders with my legs slightly spread.

    I was locked in on a 2"center pattern on 6 shots.
    I was using cheap golden bear 145g ammo. Lol

    It was actually a very good feel having the gun braced that high and feet closer together.
    Felt so good to be zoned in that I shot 3 more times. Same results.

    Wonder what everyone will think with me hunting and the rifle propped up over my head. Lol
  2. doctherock

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    Sounds like you need to take your boy hunting and use him as a rest. Although I dont think he would want to spend time hunting with you.