Shooting Bench and Ammunition Safety!

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    After receiving a call today once again it brought to mind that a Safety Reminder is DUE!

    One should use Safety when shooting and especially when using a table, shooting bench, truck tailgate or other area to load from.
    Since there are several calibers that are prevalent today for the AR-15 Rifle. It should be assured that the ammunition is kept separate and no chance of being mixed up or laid close to other calibers when shooting.

    I would suggest that when shooting a specific caliber that when a shooter is ready to change to another caliber all the previous ammunition used and new are put up, secured and out of the area. Leaving no chance for the previously used ammunition to be available. Also, each caliber of ammunition's container clearly marked. A lot of ammunition being purchased today at shows, reloaders, or from a stores in bulk is being sold in Zip Lock Bags. This can cause a serious safety issue. So this Thread is just to bring it to our attention.

    The nature of the call was that a lady was on the range shooting her new AR-15 Rifle in 223/5.56 Chamber. After shooting for a while she had a round that would not chamber. The Bolt was about 1/4 inch out of Battery. Which means it would not close completely. Going through some checks with her on the phone she advised it had been working well all morning. And I attempted to resolve the issue for her. Next question "is there anything in the Chamber or the Bore". She replied NO it is clear. To beat to the chase, this is what had occurred. They had also brought their 300 Blackout Caliber AR-15 Rifle with them. A Ziplock bag of the 300 Blackout had not been marked and being a similar case and not paying any attention thinking she had 223/5.56 she had loaded some into the magazine. I am just glad she did not force the round into Battery by using the Forward Assist. Which would have compressed the 30 cal Bullet back into the case. Causing phenominal preasure and trying to put a 30 Cal Bullet down through a 22 Cal Bore! To say the least if she would have it would be one UGLY EXPERIENCE! So just like those who reload shold be extra cautious the same should apply for all of us when shooting.
    Just thought I would share this with my Friends here on the Forum keeping in mind how easy a situation like this could occur if we do not use caution, mark ammunition properly, keep it seprerate and pay attention when enjoying our shooting sport! It was a good day No Damage! No Injury! :D SAFETY AND CAUTION IS #1! ;)

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    I do not reload, but I appreciate ANYTIME the passing on of safety and cautions. They can always be modified to fit other conditions than the one intended. Thanks again Sniper 03.

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    Thank You 03! We can never be too careful these days! I'll take a page from what Vikingdad discussed on a previous Podcast. He uses many different Ammo cans to store and Transport ammo to the range. But since I only have my One Range box and a few cans, I have Smaller ammo boxes inside, color coded and Marked by Caliber & Weight & type. Example, my wife's fave color is Green( ya know that might be why her nick here is MzGrn), so all of her Ammo boxes are Green or Translucent Green, since she Primarily shoots 38/357. Our 22LR Ammo is in Sky blue Boxes, 9 MM ball ammo in Dk. Blue, 9MM SD in clear Smoke or clear Grey, and shotgun rounds in Dk Red. Or in bandoliers. CF rifle rounds( only have 3 calibers) are Marked on the box with masking tape and sharpie! (.223/5.56, 30-06, or .308/7.62)

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