Shooting bags or bipod for 10/22

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    I added a 3-9x40 scope to my 10/22 yesterday and had it bore sighted, but haven't been out to shoot yet. My question is, should I get a bipod or shooting bags? I have the standard wood stock carbine and I don know enough yet to be able to decide on my own. I'm guessing it'll be a personal choice issue, but I'd like to hear some pros/cons for each option.
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    Personally, I would go with a Bi-pod. I've been shooting off of sand bags at my range with my mossy since I've had it (not even a month yet) and the bags are a little bit of a pain to move around.

    If you plan on getting your own set a bags, it would just mean more weight to carry with you to the range, however far/close that may be. With a bi-pod, you basically grab your rifle and your set. You also have more control over the hight with a bi-pod then you do with using sand bags.

    But like you said, it's also a personal choice too, so someone might take the bags over the pod.

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    I don't like a bi-pods as they have a limited height adjustment . Never used front sand bags much in general. I have used one adjustable front rifle rest for 30 years when shooting for accuracy. Looks like this but orange in color. But I understand how a Bi-pod would be use in a field setting for critter shooting.
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    Fill some bags with air soft pellets. Light weight and works. You could also use rice but it is a little heavier. Sand weighs too much. You can find zipper bags at an office supply or try to get a couple of cash bags from your bank. You can get a new front band with an integral short rail and attach a bipod to it. Easy on and off. You could also screw a scope mount to the bottom of your stock for a bipod.

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  6. KnurledNut

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    I prefer a bipod because it's always ready for use. I don't usually carry a sand bag with me.

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    I use CAA Bipods on three of my Rifles, and they work great. Their adjustable height, and easy set-up, make for a great day at the Range.



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    It all depends on what you want to do with the rifle. All those ideas and rigs are great and allot of good ideas also . Sand bags are better to get dialed in and shooting tightest groups possible with what ever ammo your gun likes.A bi-pod will let shots go a little high so sight in with it do to the bounce on recoil were sand bags let it move strait back like i said depends on what you are going to do . For field use I would use a bi-bod don't want to carry bags around and it is lite and easy to deploy. good luck