Shooting a pistol underwater

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    I was watching the outdoor channel tonight and there was a guns and ammo type show on. They were doing a test to see what would happen if a pistol was shot under water. They used a Springfield 1911, put a rubberband around the grip to hold in the safety. They then mounted it to a holder with a rope tied to the trigger, then submerged it into a swimming pool. The gun was discharged and ran the slide and loaded another round just like it should. They fired it a second time and it jammed, a casing got caught in the slide. The casing was removed and it fired a third time fully recoiling. They took the gun out of the pool and dismantled it. They found that the barrel was bowed out towards the end. They think this happened when the bullet traveled down the barrel and couldn't push the water forward so it pushed towards the outter edge of the barrel around the bullet, bowing the barrel out. The bullets traveled about 15 feet under water before they fell to the bottom. So NEVER fire a gun under water unless you want to ruin your barrel.
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    Interesting, I have a video of Larry McGill shooting a Glock repeatedly under water with no ill effects to the gun at all. Likewise, Mythbusters have done it too. Now if you take the gun out of the water with water still in the barrel...BOOM! :)

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    Personally I don't know about you guys but with fishing season approaching I think I will stick to the trusty rod and line............:rolleyes:
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    Hunting with a hook.