Shooting 2500 yards 1.43 miles!!

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    Hi guys, a few days ago I took out the Savage 110 BA 338 Lapua and attempted the 2500 yard shot. So I placed the target at 2530 yards or 1.43 miles away, at that distance the bullet flight time is almost 4.5 seconds! Made a short video that I think you guys will enjoy. Thanks for watching!

    [ame=""]2500 yard shot! Savage 110BA 338 Lapau[/ame]

    I went out early in the morning to beat the mirage, luckly there was very little wind around 3-4 mph coming from the left, I dialed 2.6 mils Left. I had to dialed the maximum elevation my scope (Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 MIL/MIL) had at 27.4 mils then held over 2.5 mils on the reticle to get me to 29.9 mils. The 300 gr Berger bullets with a MV of 2740 fps at 23.34 inHg start to go subsonic at 2400 yards, so I figured some weird stuff might happen.
    My first shot was pretty even height wise but was way off to the right, the first 3 shots were sighters to get me on target and then on my 9th shot I hit the target, then had one more hit on my 12th shot. So total of 2 out of 12 shots at 2530 yards.
    When I got to the target to my surprise was a sideways hit. My first thought was that it hit the ground and bounced up sideways, but after reviewing the video I can tell it was a direct hit because the bullet splash in the dirt is directed away from the steel and the impact energy on the steel was the same for both hits, I'm sure if it hit the ground first it would have lost most of it's energy. So now I ask has anyone ever seen a 300 gr berger bullet hit sideways??!! Probably due to the sonic wave passing the bullet at 2400 yards, very interesting. The next day I went out to find a couple missed shot bullets and after metal detecting for almost an hour ready to give up I found one!
    This was my first time shooting past 2060 yards and 2 out of 12 isn't real great but satisfying, I bet with practice I could get those numbers looking a little better. I really hope you guys enjoy the video, please comment or ask any questions you may have.......and let me know what you think!
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    I think if you watch the video a few times and when you hear the round go off start by then hitting your pause button on and off quickly stoping on the pause to view and on at short intervals. I think you will see what I did and that is the bullet strikes the ground and the dust flies up before you hear the bullet strike the metal plate. That was the reason as you thought for the side strike. The longest shot I have ever taken myself successfuly was 2200 meters with a McMillan Seal Team Sniper Rifle in 50 BMG. at Camp Atterbury IN. As you are finding out it is addicting and certainly a challenge. Not to mention the reward it renders for being able to shoot that distance and hit a target is fantastic! It is an art and as stated a true challenge. And a guy must have the proper equipment and ammunition to do it effectively. I have shot the 338 Lapua in the Sig Rifles before and love the round! How do you like the Savage 110BA Rifle? Have fun and keep us informed. Great Video!
    Good shooting! And thank God for Mil Dots :)


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    Thanks for the comment! I actually did a frame by frame and you can see the bullet impact on the steel and the dirt just starting to come up. I believe if it hit the ground first it would have lost most its energy and not fragmented, most the bullets that I find that miss and hit something hard just deform a little bit. I could be wrong though. I really like the savage, it's treating me well!
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    That's a damn long ways to shoot. I agree with Sniper03,the first hit bounced off the dirt,and the bullet was sideways upon impact. The second hit was good,and clean.
    Nice shooting!
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    I got to where I could hit consistently at 1 klick. Anything beyond that fell into artillery territory for my purposes.

    Would love to get back into long range shooting, but can't afford it. Government paid for it last time around.
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    Really well done video I gave you a thumbs up on the YouTube. Oh and I almost forgot, GREAT shooting :D
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    Thanks and thanks for the like!
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    Grizzdude, that's some impressive shooting! at distance, very impressive.

    i have been watching a few of your videos when you post them here and i find them very enjoyable to watch. thanks for sharing them with us.
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    Damn fine shooting!!!!
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    Thanks a lot, glad you enjoy the vids!
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    You gotta start somewhere. ;)
    Just kidding. Great shooting!