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    Has anyone seen/played Shooter on the iPhone? It just came out last Friday and is already in the Top 100 games on iTunes. It is a first person shooting game, you can use a sniper rifle, pistol, machine gun, and ton of others.

    If you want to see a video of the game in action or some screen shots: READY… AIM… SHOOTER! The Official Movie Game TARGETS APPLE'S APP STORE | With Video

    The movie that has been on the top 100 hundred downloads on the iTunes store for over a year launches today as a game on Apple's App Store for a limited time pricing of 99 cents! SHOOTER! The Official Movie Game takes you into an action-packed adventure where everything is a target and your iPhone or iPod touch is the weapon. KEY GAME FEATURES:

    * Over 30 High Stakes Sniping Levels: Earn medals and rewards through the successful completion of dangerous assignments while progressing through training sessions and multiple missions that feature challenging bosses.
    * Large Arsenal of Guns, Weapons, Equipment and Camouflage - Choose from different sniper rifles, silencers, and scopes to neutralize hostiles from long range or use pistols, grenades, and pipe bombs to take out your targets in close quarters combat. Dress to match your surroundings and to elude return fire.
    * First Person Sniper Perspective - Use the accelerometer to zero in on your targets with your binoculars and scope. Distance and wind must also be factored into your shot.
    * Nighttime Missions - Use night vision to target your enemy in a variety of challenging shooting conditions.
    * Detailed Mission Environments - Execute missions in the deserts, cityscapes, forests, mountains and snow, each of which requires specialized skills.
    * Mini-Games and Puzzles - Successfully complete these tasks to continue through the storyline. Use your varied skill set, to cleverly pass the deadly games.

    The landscapes in the game are exquisitely crafted using high quality 3D map vector graphics and players are provided with a 180 degree adjustable 3D vision scope. The shooting experience is also greatly enhanced by the accompanying realistic voiceover and audio stimulation.
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    I am wondering if this is spam, or a genuine question about the game. We really aren't a gaming website - so I am going to leave it for a couple of days and see what other contributions you have for us bjm80

    If you truly have come here for research and thought this was a good ice breaker, I apologize and welcome to the forum...