Shooter fired 5 rounds with 1 inch group at 1000 yds!!!

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Dearhunter, Aug 3, 2018.

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    I should've added that it was with a longer barrel to achieve those speeds. They use a match bullet of 155gns(not sure of what brand) as that is all that's allowed in that class from what I understand.
    They neck size only until it becomes hard to chamber then either can the case and get a new case or FLS and go again but mainly get new cases.
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    At that range a whole lot of luck comes into play, but it still takes a tremendous amount of skill, and preparation to get to the point where the luck can even begin to come into play. You’re not shooting in a vacuum, and at that range the air movement varies a lot during the flight of the bullet. The residual air movement from the last shot could even have an effect.

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    What ....that's only !/3 the distance !!!!
    Then that would be like me shooting from Baton Rouge and hitting a target in New Orleans ? My tiny brain can't even comprehend those distances . And that fellow can shoot tiny groups ...WOW , I'm impressed to no end !
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    In my target rifle, a custom bullt 308 built on a Pre 64 winchester 70 action, with a krieger 1 in 10 twist barrel, timney trigger, Mcmillian stock, Aperture sights front and rear I could NOT hit the target with a 155 grain palma match bullet (sierra brand). BUT with the 175 grain sierra match king, I could get her into the 10 ring at 1000 yards prone.
    I was considered a "rookie shooter" . I was only in the game a little over 2 years in MN (SHORT season)
    I was a sharpshooter and a 1/2 point off of making expert when my health (thanks to statins) went to hell.
    To those of you who are not familiar. Back around 2000 to 2004 the ratings were like so. I don't think they changed that, but they DID change where the scoring marker goes!
    75 to 84 Marksman (MKS)
    84 to 88 Sharpshooter (SS)
    88 to 92 Expert (EX)
    92 to 96 Master (MA)
    96 to 100 High Master (HM)
    Distinguished is you placed 1st, 2nd, and / OR 3rd in 3 consecutive matches after you made HM.
    ONE inch at 1000 yards in Phenomenal. The guy has the SKILLS, the right rifle, the right combination going for his bullets, brass, powder, primer and reloading procedures, and he read the WIND correctly etc.
    He had a GREAT day and put it all together.
    Bless Him.
    IT takes a lot of skill to shoot the 1000 yard palma matches.
    BTW...I've been trying like hell to get into shape to shoot and over the course match. I am wondering if I will even or ever get there......I can't get my neck up in the prone, been trying to practice everyday. He11, just getting up from the prone is very difficult. I can shoot low 90's in offhand. Sitting is the same with the neck and old crippled body.
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    Pssshhhhhhhh.........Hold my beer!
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    what? he used a scope?
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    If I needed to shoot something at a thousand yards, I would get in the truck and drive 950 yards, then shoot it, and still might not shoot a 1" group.
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    We have to understand the nature of benchrest shooting also.

    Not to denigrate the mans accomplishment in any way just putting things into perspective.. I am not surprised someone has done this.
    In benchrest shooting you get to stabilize your gun with adjustable front and back rests that take out a lot of the personal variation.
    And you dial the clicks in the scope based on known distance and your windcall..

    A buddy of mine who is a multi event benchrest champion also does groups like this at 600 yards in what amounts to casual plinking effort on his personal 600 yard range.. and as a complete novice i have used his bench set up and gotten very good groups (index card size steel target first round and 2nd, 3rd, etc hits) with minimal effort.

    Now you might say there is a big difference to 1000 and there is.. but keep in mind this was with an effort that was basically casual plinking.. when the distance is known and u have a good scope you simply dial in the clicks and you have the elevation taken care of spot-on right there.
    The rest is calling the wind right...

    When it comes to benchrest shooting the quality of the ammo and the wind call (or lack thereof) or the quality of the wind calls are the primary determinants.

    I suspect on a no wind day with good ammo/barrel combo utilizing all the stabilizing hardware benchrest allows..several dudes on this board could get very close to that.
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    I had a chance to try this F class in Phx Az two yrs ago in Feb or March. I just happened to be at the skeet range about a mile away and heard about the tournament. I talked to some of the wonderful, helpful people there and they encouraged me to try it. I ran back to the house and got my 6SLR that Tom Bryant in Evanston Wyo had built for me to shoot prairie dogs. Hs precision stock, 700 short action with a 30 inch Bartlein 1X9 twistn tube Timney trigger and 12X42 Nightforce optic. I use a 105 grain, Berger VLD target bullet with 43 gr of RL19 powder. The most difficult part for me is that I am 76 yrs old and have a three level fusions at cervicle and lombar areas. So it is actually very painful the entire time I have my head up and using the scope. Anyway, I shot clean at every distance out to 800 yds and dropped one shot into the nine ring. Bummer. Then at the 1,000 yd berm I shot a 196 4X and was so pleased I couldn't hardly stand it. Say what you want my friends, 1K yds is a LOOONNg way to shoot. This guy did this with open sights, Kudos my friend, well done. I know now from actual experience just how far 1K yards are and how hard it is to see something at that distance. His is truly a remarkable fete regardless of how many rounds it took him to hit it.
    I'm just finishing a new rifle with 30" barrel in 30-378 cal. My son took it to the range yesterday for beginning break-in. His first five, 3 shot groups can ALL be covered completely with a dime. Nothing peeking out. Then he shot some 5 shot groups at 1K and ALL shots are within three inches and this is a branny new, barrel using factory ammo.
    Cant wait til I get some pet loads worked up for her.
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    I've tried shooting the genuine mile with my Mk3 No.1.303 using the battle sights that are graduated out to 2000yds(Just a tad over a mile) and while I was raising dust around the steel gong and allowing for the wind which was a job in itself it is very hard while the bloke who was running the shoot was using his 7mm SAUM and hitting the gong reasonably regularly and he had everything dialled in but was still having to guesstimate a bit as the wind was gusting and then changing direction.

    It's a lot of fun but a head banging exercise as well and I can see how it can be addictive much like trying to hit rabbits on a warren at 700 yds with a 22/250 on a windy day.
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    He did some great shooting.. I want to try a 1000yrds. I want to hit that gong just once. I see that MPA BA in 6.5 creed. in my future. Hoping this year..
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    I guess you don't get it. He shot a good 'group', but can he do it again??? I have shot some awesome groups myself, but if the shooter, me or anyone else, can't repeat that 'group' it was a fluke! ;)
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    Yeah, lucky sot. He previously "only" held 4 IBS records before this amazing accomplishment. And afterward, Mike Wilson was truly humble during the interview and even gave a nod to the gods.

    Congrats to an incredibly skilled shooter Mike Wilson.
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    Congrats to Mr. Wilson for his fantastic accomplishment!
    It was not generated by Luck!
    It came from thousands of hours of experience behind the gun.
    Research regarding all related equipment and an understanding of ballistics factors to achieve this.
    Then since he competes around the US such things as elevation, temperature, humidity, mirage, wind direction and value must be deciphered to shoot like he did.
    So as stated this is not Luck! It is true skill, combined knowledge and the right combination of all the above.
    For those of us who have shot 1000 or longer there are a lot of factors involved.
    I certainly am a fan of the 6.5 Cal. Rounds!
    So to Mike Wilson
    "Super Target"! Congrats! that accomplishment is simply "FANTASTIC"!:D

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    At 300yds, I used to do that all day long, with a Remington 700 .243 I had. Of course, at 600yds I sucked, and I don't recall ever hitting the target at 1000yds. (Probably buried the bullets 100+ yds short of the target, knowing as little about ballistics and sighting as I did, back then.)

    To do so with a 5-shot group at 1000yds, though: that's fairly special. Ain't usin' iron sights, to do that.
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    Being unfamiliar with 1000 yard competitions, curious whether there is any prize money involved for such an accomplishment, or if they're shooting for just another plaque on the wall?

    I see caliber appears with rifle as part of chambering description, but why isn't caliber mentioned as part of "Round" description (or is it implied with 103g Vapor Trail)?
    Bullet: 103g Vapor Trail
    Brass: Lapua
    Powder: Hodgdon H4895
    Primer: CCI 450 (small rifle magnum)

    Action: BAT ‘B’ 1.550 Melonited Action with Jewell Trigger
    Barrel: Brux HV 28″ Finished Length, 1:8″ Twist Rate
    Chambering: 6BRAW (6mmBR Ackley Improved Wilson), Chambered by Darrell Jones
    Chamber Specs: 0.272″ No-turn Neck with 0.135″ Freebore