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    We are gearing up for our 5th Annual Shoot for the Horizon benefit shoot on August 23rd at Paulding County Sheriffs Office firing range. The event is open to all public safety personnel, active or retired, this covers LEO local state and federal, fire, ems, etc.. If you are unsure if you qualify please contact me. All information regarding the event, the history of the event and our sponsors are located at

    you can also check out our Facebook page at

    We have four guns to give away this year,2 Glock packages courtesy of SPD/Adventure Outdoors and Glock Inc., Weatherby and SCCY Industries. We also have several other items to raffle off the day of the event. We have room for more sponsors so if would like to join this fast growing event just contact me via the website. We have spots available for the day of the event for sponsors to set up and display their merchandise.

    There are three main courses of fire for placings that winners will receive medals as well as additional prizes. All registered shooters receive one raffle ticket (additional tickets can be purchased for $5), lunch and a goodie bag that contains items from our sponsors. Spectators are welcome and encouraged. This is a great sporting event for a great cause. We have been doing this now for 4 years and it has grown every time.

    Please check out the websites and see for yourself, you don't want to miss out! All registration and event information are located on the website.

    This event is 100% donated and 100% of all proceeds are donated to the Horizon League of Acworth. The Horizon League is the special needs athletic department in our city. The money goes towards the upkeep and cost to provide necessary equipment for their sports and activities.

    PM me if you have questions and Thank you to our participants and sponsors!!

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    Man, you sure were patient with that second post. :p

    No offense and none taken

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    So this is not open to civilians? Yea, I get it. You have to at least give the cops a chance to win.:D
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    Didn't see what the other post said.

    This is a public safety range only, not my range and not my rules.

    We have done this for five years now with no complaints, I am looking for other avenues to reach active and retired public safety members.

    Rick1967 I can find a range for all of us and YOU if you would to put some money up lol

    If this advertisement is breaking some rules let me know and delete and you will not see me here again. Last I checked it said Georgia Forum for Events.