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    any info on Jim Shockey's GOLD?
    I have a Traditions inline, this powder will shoot in my firearm.
    I have tried just seating the bullet just to the stick, and firmly against it,
    no luck, it gives me a delayed shot.


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    I have heard of this powder but I have never used it before. Shockey's GOLD powder is a black powder subsitute. Like Pyrodex black powder substitues burn different then true black powder. These substitues need a hotter ignition to light the powder. My guess is the delay might be come from a delay in the powder ignition. You can either try different caps or switch to a different. To me paying 20 dollars for a pound of Shockeys gold is rediculous when you can get a pound of Goex for 12 dollars and probably eliminate your hangfire problem.

    * Just read a bunch of reviews on this powder and not to many people had good things to say about it. Most people had problems with it and they said they would never use it again. Some were so frustrated they either threw the powder away or gave it away. There were complaints about inconsistanties with the powder and ignition problems. I would switch powders.
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  3. alsaqr

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    Throw those JSG sticks away and get some JSG granular 2F or preferably, 3F.

    Have used JSG extensively over the last two years. JSG 3F is hotter than the 2F by about 100 fps. JSG likes a tight fitting sabot that is well tamped. You can feel the powder compress.

    Shot several deer and about a dozen hogs with the 250 grain SST/Shockwave, 90-110 grains of JSG and my Encore.