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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by jbanks, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. jbanks

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    I need to know if I can ship a few guns from state to state (Ohio-Georgia). I had a Pawn Shop tell me that I have to have a FFL in each case and they must be packed separately to the tune of $30.00 each! Yikes!

    Any advice?
  2. robocop10mm

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    Federal Law allows you to send a firearm to an FFL dealer or back to the manufacturer but you must be an FFL holder to RECEIVE the gun (possible exception for long gun sent back from factory after repair).

    Check local laws as Ohio may have a stricter rule on this. I doubt Georgia is any more strict than Federal law.

  3. cpttango30

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    I would check with the USPS and see what they say about shipping fireams.

    I have had some come in the mail. No problems at all.
  4. Dgunsmith

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    Question : what are you shipping, to your self or a sale of firearms ???

    This info will help to answer your questions.
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    Guns that are shipped across a state line IN GENERAL need to go to a FFL holder (exception for shipping to self, etc, guns made in 1898 or earlier, muzzleloaders, etc) Long guns can be mailed, but only an 01 FFL holder (dealer) or a Manufacturer can mail a handgun- and then TO another FFL Dealer. You CAN ship a handgun without BEING a FFL- UPS Air- very pricy. Bottom line- sold or giving gun to resident of another state? Send it to FFL in their state. Both and have a searchable listing of FFL holders that will act as a transfer agent.
  6. Laufer

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    After the bolt malfunctioned and got stuck on my brand-new, Auto-Ord. M-1 carbine last December, the store where I bought described a problem with mailing the gun back to the AO factory. The breakdown allowed me to test and 'fall' for the Mini 14 and 30:) . Sold the AO carbine as soon as it was shipped back.

    UPS required the store to take the gun to a regional UPS hub here, in order to accept the rifle for shipping. This well-established, popular store has been around for years and is definitely no pawn shop....
    The store was really turned off by these ludicrous UPS policies, and other people have described similar frustrations and major inconvenience.

    How is it with FEDEX?
    Their headquarters are not too far from here.
  7. c3shooter

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    There will be different responses based on different experiences, but in general, I would use the US Postal Service to MAIL a rifle or shotgun. Yes, it is legal. Yes, it is MUCH cheaper than UPS or FedX. Shipping for repair? Yep, perfectly legal. MOST of the UPS storefront operations are NOT run by UPS, but private franchisees, and they cannot accept firearms- but a business COULD call UPS and schedule a pickup by the driver from the business. Neither UPS for FedX has endeared themselves to me in shipping firearms, but USPS has always come thru for me. Others have had different experiences. Do NOT be surprised to find that an employee of USPS, UPS, OR Fed X does NOT know their own rules for shipping a firearm. But you should- check their websites. Print a copy. Keep it in your pocket for the time when a puzzled looking employee says "We can't do that." Smile, hand it to them, and say "Yes, you can.":rolleyes: