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    i recently purchased a firearm through an online auction sight. When the seller went to UPS he told them he was shipping a firearm. They then told that all firearms are sent requiring a signature at the other end. The ffl I was using is a private residence on a busy street. And the gun was left (by UPS) on his doorstep. This has been an ongoing problem for my ffl.
    I learned from another seller that UPS charges $5.50 to require signature upon delivery and that unless you request it and pay the fee, no matter what they tell you, your package (firearm) will be left on the doorstep like any other package.
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    The delivery man doesn’t know what is in the package.
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    That would be $5.50 well spent, I'm.
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    Not guns but my son set up a lock box for UPS. Deliveries are placed in the box by the driver and the driver locks the box. This was after a couple of packages were stolen.
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    I have a 3x3x4-ft gang box chained down out by the mail box, that very clearly says, PARCEL BOX, and the address on it. The folks from the Post Office use it regularly. But getting UPS, or FedEx to use it has been spotty. It evens says in one inch Letters, “LEAVE PARCELS HERE. GATE CODE IS COMBINATION.
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    With most shippers, you can request shipping updates, that even go right up to the parcel being dropped of at your door. That's something i request quite often, especially with the neighborhood I live in.

    Now, if the site has special instructions, i also use them with some shipments, either to tell them to drop it in the trash bin closest to the gate (We never use it, except for drop ofs when no one is home.), or, if there's a good chance we will all be out (VERY Rare to say the least. 99.999% o0f the time, someone is home.), we have them drop it off at the neighbor's place across the street (If it needs an adult signature.)

    We also do the same for him, when he and his wife go on vacation.

    Now, if it's one of my C&R purchases, I make it clear that I NEED tracking on the package, and I set my phone as the update point of contact, so no matter where I'm at, I know when it gets to Erie, and when the local PO sends it out for delivery, so I can be home, waiting in the living room, or out front working on the bike.

    So far, none of my C&R items has grown legs, and walked off. I plan on keeping it that way.

    As I type this, I am sitting in the lower living room, on my laptop, and waiting on the PO to deliver my close to mint first pattern Iver Johnson .32 S&W Safety Automatics (Both blued, hammer and hammerless.), and I will be at the door when he knocks, as that was the instructions sent to the shipper's FFL. As this is not the first time I have done business with him, I know that there will be a knock, and if no one answers, then it will go back to the PO, and sent back out tomorrow.

    As far as smaller packages, that are not regulated by the feds, we also have an old milk box that's bolted to the wall by the door. anything that's about the size pof a hardcover novel goes in that box.
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    The world of mail order and internet sales is a wonderful thing though it will be the responsibility of the person who has the most to lose to ensure things go as planned. Much good advice here and my bit would be to not lock in to a FFL if that person is not totally reliable. The FFL I use works out of his home, in the country, and I talk to him before I place an order to be sure he will be home. His preferred shipper is USPS which surprised me as my local postal carrier is very unreliable, though I almost never specify the carrier. I also have a back up, brick and mortar, gun store that I would use if my normal ffl is not available.
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    our FEDex in Florida no habla English
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    Firearms ARE to be shipped Adult Sig Required (UPS and FedEx rules). And no, outside of the box is not supposed to say GUN. Strangely, I have really good service from my mailman, UPS and FedEx folks.

    I make sure that they get a nice Christmas card from me every year.

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    I live in a two level duplex. at the front door I have a sign that say"UPS deliveries for unit xxx knock on Glass door " with an arrow pointing in the direction of the door that shares the porch with the main door 8 feet to the right.
    Some times UPS delivers to the glass door and sometimes not and we have medicines and other weather sensitive articles arriving. I'm registered through " My UPS etc. and it still is sketchy on deliveries on a residential street in a small town.
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    Lots of package thefts this time of year as Christmas is close. Although it's seven miles to the post office, my mailbox is a half-mile from the house at the intersection of three cornfields. Mailperson refuses to drive to my house for any reason although we bathe regularly and the Basset won't bite. Thus, all packages go to the post office if the USPS is used. FedEx fords the creek with no problem. Difference between a private company and sortof Government outfit.
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