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    Has anyone ever heard of using a shipping container as a form of housing? I recently heard of people taking several of them and welding them together with a space between them all. Also, I hear that car engines last alot longer than generator motors, has anyone ever heard of purchasing a trashed out car with a working motor to use as a generator?
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    The steel containers (Conex's) are tough and durable. Major drawbacks are insulation, size (height in particular) and quality.

    The steel shell transmits heat and cold very well. They are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. My thought would be to bury them at least partially.

    One could get very claustrophobic in a hurry even with several welded together.

    I have seen many that have serious leaks that could preclude burying. To get the good quality ones you will pay a premium.



    Hello all


    This is part of that was found at waco, a few Burried school buses and a few of these! These did a lot better after the feds ran over the compond trying to colape all the tunnels and underground shelters! Yes, you can buy them at a better price trashed and take a while fixing them up and doing the water proofing! This has been done in many places in the world and if a an Aircraft skin can be used as shelter, why not this? Down sides are cost, size, weight and getting it shipped without everyone in your area knowing ya got it? Seen a few folks use for storage of equiptment buried or not and that makes for a good excuse to explain to nosey types what your doing and all? If you have plans to burry it, have plans to strengthen the hull and as you go deeper, the more strength it wqill need! These are NOT READY TO BURRY! Take your Time, think it out and go slow and make it sturdy and safe! Good Luck and let us know what it came out as? A spare Garage or a secret hideaway? LOL
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    A few around here use them for storage, and they make good quick hay containers. When I was overseas the Army was using them for housing, and it wasn't bad. The put 2 people per container (20 ft.). They are stacked 2 high.

    My generator uses a 4cyl 1.5L Mitsubishi car engine. It has 5000hrs on it so far, and it is still going strong. A regular small engine would have quit a long time ago, but then they are easier to rebuild or replace. Take your pick.