Shilo Sharps Military Rifle Drawing

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    This special drawing will be done once a year on 9-11. The rifle is a Montana Roughrider, 45/70 caliber with a 30” full heavy octagon barrel. The custom features on this rifle; Extra Fancy wood, AA finish, Pack Hardened finish, Brass Escutcheons, Polished Barrel, Polished Blackened Screws, Pewter Tip, Traditional Steel Butt-plate. The sights on this rifle will be a MVA #112 spirit level front globe and a MR Soule. The serial number on this rifle is very special and unique. It will start with USA 1 which will be inlayed in gold. On the lock plate in gold inlay will be “Salute Our Military 2008”. The engraving on this rifle has been donated by Suzi Bradley (Shiloh Engraver) and the sights by J.C. Gier of Montana Vintage Arms. The person who wins this rifle will have his name, rank, rate and what military branch you belong to engraved on a metal plate and then in-letted into the butt-stock. Along with this rifle will be a factory letter. The gold inlay of the serial number and lock plate engraving will be done consecutively each year.