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    Talked to Shilen today about rebarreling my Featherweight. I had the idea to stick with at least a sporter contour or slightly bigger and have it fluted to shave weight, have a stiff barrel, while staying with the "liteweight" idea due to the fact that I hunt from a stand AND still hunt quite a bit.
    To my surprize, Shilen DOESN'T flute their barrels.
    This is going to be my primary deer gun. Not wanting or needing the extra power of the .270, I will be purchasing one in .257 Roberts.
    How about some input on
    and Hart barrels
    Or even better yet, someone just send me a good barrel in .257 I can use on my Model 70, that they are throwing away.
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    Me I would personally never own a flueted barrel. The reason is they don't do a darn thing except screw up good barrels.

    Most barrels that are flutted are done so after all other operations are done. This adds heat to the barrel and causes unknown stress on the barrel.

    Your better off getting a slightly thicker barrel profile in my eyes.

    Douglas are buttoned rifles barrels. meaning there is a carbid or other hard metal button drawing through the barrel and it cuts all the rifling at one time. Kreiger is a single point cut rifled barrel. Meaning that each grove is cut one pass at a time till the desired depth is reached. Then the cutter is moved to the next one and the process is repeated.

    There are tons of barrel makers out there.

    I personaly will go with a kreiger on my custom build if I ever get to do one. Also check out Bartlin Barrels. They too are single point cut rifling. The guys that run it used to work for kreiger then set out on their own.

    What does all this mean. Nothing really it is just on what you want. Some times the profiles are a little different. Hart barrels are a unique profile vs many others. Douglas has been in the barrel business for a LONG dang time same with hart. My 308 wears either a Hart or a Douglas SS match barrel. Just pick one and run with it.

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    Krieger fluted my barrel I had them make with no problems. They do charge a nominal fee for doing that but it's worth it if your trying to shave weight. Increased surfqace area does help a bit with cooling but not that much IMO.