Sheriffs Stand Up For Second Amendment

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    The following list is that of Sheriffs that have openly advised they are standing up against the Obama Administrations attack on the Second Amendment! This is great since the office of the Sheriff is one of the highest law enforcement positions in the country and elected by the people. And I am sure there are many more to come along with millions of sportsmen and women and other true Americans!
    God Bless every one of them and those of us that have the guts "for a change" to stand up against a direct violation by the government of our Constitutional Rights!;) I believe in this case Mr.O has bit off more than he can chew. We are not the only ones that are realy Pi---d Off! Therefore, serving them notice that we will defend our Second Amendment and are not decieved by giving up our Second Amendment Rights a liittle bit at a time as a cover up for their main future objective! Which is to eventualy to disarm the American Citizen! Do Not Be Fooled! Hope some of the liberal prgressive socialist see the writing on the wall. Since I believe due to their out and out attack on our Second Amendment Rights they better plan on loosing in the next ellection in two years! Unless some gun owners and sportsman are stupid enough to vote for them again.:rolleyes: Please see the list below! If you see your Sheriff you should call him or her, thank them and advise they have your support!


    1. Utah Sheriff’s Association

    2. New Mexico Sheriff’s Association (30 out of 33 sheriffs)

    1. Sheriff Glenn E. Palmer - Grant County, Oregon
    2. Sheriff Gil Gilbertson – Josephine County, Oregon
    3. Sheriff Tim Mueller – Linn County, Oregon
    4. Sheriff Adam Christianson – Stanislaus County, California
    5. Sheriff Brad A. DeLay – Lawrence County, Missouri
    6. Sheriff Charles M. Heiss – Johnson County, Missouri
    7. Sheriff Steve Cox - Livingston County, Missouri
    8. Sheriff Jon Lopey – Siskiyou County, California
    9. Sheriff Craig Zanni – Coos County, Oregon
    10. Sheriff John Hanlin - Douglas County, Oregon
    11. Sheriff John Bishop – Curry County, Oregon
    12. Sheriff Larry Blanton - Deschutes County, Oregon
    13. Sheriff Jim Hensley – Crook County, Oregon
    14. Sheriff Denny Peyman – Jackson County, Kentucky
    15. Sheriff Roy Klingler – Madison County, Idaho
    16. Sheriff Blake Dorning – Madison County, Alabama
    17. Sheriff Justin Smith – Larimer County, Colorado
    18. Sheriff Al Cannon – Charleston County, South Carolina
    19. Sheriff Ana Franklin – Morgan County, Alabama
    20. Sheriff Andy Hughes – Houston County, Alabama
    21. Sheriff Stacy Nicholson – Gilmer County, Georgia
    22. Sheriff Robin Cole – Pine County, Minnesota
    23. Sheriff Bill Snyder – Martin County, Florida
    24. Sheriff Ed Kilgpore – Humboldt County, Nevada
    25. Sheriff Tom Bosenko – Shasta County, California
    26. Sheriff John D’Agostini – El Dorado County, California
    27. Sheriff David Hencraft – Tehama County, California
    28. Sheriff Dean Growden – Lassen County, California
    29. Sheriff Dean Wilson – Del Norte County, California
    30. Sheriff Mike Poindexter – Modoc County, California
    31. Sheriff Thomas Allman - Mendocino County, California
    32. Sheriff Mike Downey - Humboldt County, California
    33. Sheriff Larry Smith - Smith County, Texas
    34. Sheriff Kieran Donahue - Canyon County, Idaho
    35. Sheriff Margaret Mims – Fresno County, California
    36. Sheriff Pat Garrett – Washington County, Oregon
    37. Sheriff Dan Staton – Multnomah County, Oregon
    38. Sheriff Scott Mascher - Yavapai County, Arizona
    39. Sheriff Micahel A. Helmig - Boone County, Ohio
    40. Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg - Clermont County, Ohio
    41. Sheriff Terry Maketa - El Paso County, Colorado
    42. Sheriff John Cooke - Weld County, Colorado
    43. Sheriff Scott Berry - Oconee County, Georgia
    44. Sheriff Frank Denning – Johnson County, Kansas
    45. Sheriff Stan Hilkey – Mesa County, Colorado
    46. Sheriff Terry Box – Collin County, Texas
    47. Sheriff Chuck Wright - Spartanburg County, South Carolina
    48. Sheriff Greg Hagwood - Plumas County, California
    49. Sheriff Frank McKeithen - Bay County, Florida
    50. Sheriff Roger Garrison - Cherokee County, Georgia
    51. Sheriff Tony Desmond - Schoharie County, New York
    52. Sheriff Richard Devlin Jr. – Otsego County, New York
    53. Sheriff Bruce Haney – Trinity County, California
    54. Sheriff Wayne DeWitt - Berkeley County, South Carolina
    55. Sheriff Bob ‘Big Block’ Colbert – Wagoner County, Oklahoma
    56. Sheriff Joel W. Richardson – Randall County, Texas
    57. Sheriff Mike Scott – Lee County, Florida
    58. Sheriff Mike Winters – Jackson County, Oregon
    59. Sheriff Brian Wolfe – Malheur County, Oregon
    60. Sheriff Cameron M. Noel – Beaver County, Utah
    61. Sheriff Tom Rummel – Sanders County, Montana
    62. Sheriff Jeff Christopher – Sussex County, Delaware
    63. Sheriff Brad Rogers, Elkhart County, Indiana
    64. Sheriff David Edmunds – Summit County, Utah
    65. Sheriff James Tracy – Utah County, Utah
    66. Sheriff Robert Dekker – Millard County, Utah
    67. Sheriff Frank Park – Tooele County, Utah
    68. Sheriff J. Lynn Yeates – Box Elder County, Utah
    69. Sheriff G. Lynn Nelson – Chache County, Utah
    70. Sheriff James Cordova – Carbon County, Utah
    71. Sheriff Jerry Jorgensen – Daggett County, Utah
    72. Sheriff Todd Richardson – Davis County, Utah
    73. Sheriff Travis Mitchell – Duchesne County – Utah
    74. Sheriff Greg Funk – Emery County, Utah
    75. Sheriff James D. Perkins – Garfield County, Utah
    76. Sheriff Steven White – Grand County, Utah
    77. Sheriff Mark Gower – Iron County, Utah
    78. Sheriff Alden Orme – Juab County, Utah
    79. Sheriff Lamont Smith – Kane County, Utah
    80. Sheriff Blaine Breshears – Morgan County, Utah
    81. Sheriff Marty Gleave – Puite County, Utah
    82. Sheriff Dale Stacey – Rich County, Utah
    83. Sheriff Rick Eldredge – San Juan County, Utah
    84. Sheriff Brian Nielson – Sanpete County, Utah
    85. Sheriff Nathan Curtis – Sevier County, Utah
    86. Sheriff Jeff Merrell – Uintah County, Utah
    87. Sheriff Todd Bonner – Wasatch County, Utah
    88. Sheriff Cory Pulsipher – Washington County, Utah
    89. Sheriff Kurt Taylor – Wayne County, Utah
    90. Sheriff Terry Thompson – Weber County, Utah
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    there are more Sheriff's in CA opposing Obama than I would have guessed :eek: doesn't surprise me one bit that Rockland and Westchester NY are NOT on that list :mad:

    and UT has a LOT of sheriffs :D

    I didn't see Bennington VT on the list ... might have to check in with the sheriff myself ;)
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    I only saw one from Oklahoma, that's a little hard to believe as pro 2nd amendment we are in this state. Of course the state itself is one of 12 that says they will arrest any fed that tries to enforce any anti-2nd amendment laws within the state's borders. Also they won't enforce them with state police either. Could be why the sheriffs don't feel the need to get on board with these other sheriffs.
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    I'm not sure where my county sheriff stands (middle Tennessee) and I'm skittish about asking him. Don't want to wind up on his **** list.

    I have written all my state (local and federal) representatives - with the exception of my sheriff.

    Have any of you contacted your sheriffs? If so, how did you go about it?

    Tips appreciated.
  5. dog2000tj

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    see you got your thinking all messed up :( ... it's not "you" who should be worried of getting on "his" shitlist. It is "he" who should be worried about getting on "your" shitlist :cool:

    Remember ... you ELECT the Sheriff ... he doesn't get appointed ;)
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    I'm not sure if he's said it officially or not, but I've heard that Sheriff Joe in Cleveland County has said that he won't enforce anything around the 2nd amendment from Obama. But then again, that's gun store talk
  7. Sniper03

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    Good News reported on the morning news today!

    As of today there is now 125 Sheriff's that have signed on to "NOT ENFORCE" any of the administrations proposed gun restrictions or bans. "Finally" some high government officials with some balls who are assisting us with protecting our Constitutional Rights and the Second Amendment instead of trying to attack or tear our Constitution apart! One Sheriff from Florida was on the news this morning in an interview. He advise the restrictions and bans will not accomplish anything. And in his opinion the restrictions and bans were a violation of the Constitution. It was not the law abiding American citizen who owns guns, nor their guns that is the source of the problems we are having. It is society issues and mental illness. So he was for the record not enforcing anything that did not assist making people safe and attacking their Constitutional Rights. Tennessee is in the process also of passing laws which would make anyone coming into the state to attempt to enforce any ban or restriction violations. One state who now has it, the legislation states that if anyone should come into the state to enforce any such action they will be arrested, charged and serve 5 years in the State Penitentiary. Hurrah!:D Thank God with Congressman Diane Black and Senator Bob Corker we have pro gun friends in Tennessee! Wish you all did for sure! Otherwise if you get the chance you need to move to the free America.
    God Bless the Sheriff's and the Sheriff's Association! I am sure there will be many more Sheriffs signing on in the near future. Surprised we have not heard from Sheriff Joe Arpaio?