"Sheriff Of The Year" Goes To Jail

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    This retired CO sheriff was once named "Sheriff Of The Year". He now resides in the jail that is named after him. Seems like the sheriff had a thing for guys and meth. How in hades does a guy like this cover his tracks for years?

    Former Colorado sheriff accused of offering meth for sex held in jail named for him - Yahoo! News

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    It's a sad situation, but unfortunately, not surprising. The good news is the deputies had the courage to do the right thing. Now that is refreshing and should be commended.

    Here's a case regarding a local sheriff and gunsm, which have ramifications that go beyond those of drugs. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can already hear the LEOs saying the Tidwell case is unique. Well, what's scary is that many of the guns were reportedly handed over to LEOs and last I heard, only one or two guns were turned back in during the grace period.

    The Region - LA Times
    May 12, 2004|Lance Pugmire | Times Staff Writer
    "The hundreds of guns that former San Bernardino County Sheriff Floyd Tidwell allegedly took from evidence rooms and then handed out to family and friends are a "huge public safety concern" because authorities have no way of knowing who has the unregistered firearms, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

    Tidwell, who allegedly took at least 523 guns while he served as sheriff from 1983 to 1991, pleaded guilty Monday to four felony counts of concealing stolen property."