Shells for a 10 guage Damascus Double

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    Anyone out there shooting black powder loads for the older damascus barreled doubles? I'm looking for a source for brass, loading equipment, and load data if it's available. I'd also like to know if there is a source for preloaded ammunition.

    Thanks in advance
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    I have a Damascus barreled L.C. Smith 12 gauge S x S that a friend loads shells with Pyrodex RS for me. He uses his regular 12 gauge set up with no problem but always uses 7½ or 8 shot. Always low brass hulls. My gunsmith tells me that he could get me preloaded black powder shells if I want them. I will check with him and get back to you with the information.

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    It is funny you are looking for this. Can't help ya, but I just found a hull that was given to me by an old friend of mine. He was shooting an OLD PARKER side by side, 8 ga. and had to have the shells custom milled, that's right I said milled out of solid brass bar stock. FULL length all brass hulls engraved on the head stamp PARKER 8 Bore. had 1,000 made all hand loaded with pyradex and shot with felt wads. REAL old time crap. that thing was a blast to shoot on a 5 stand. looked like we were burning tires with all the smoke it pumped out.
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    You probably found this, but here is a link to a BP reloading page. Black Powder Shotgun Shells

    I have an old Marlin 1898 SG, rated for BP, that has an 2 1/2 inch chamber that I want to load for. It looks like loading for BP in undersized hulls may be easier than loading for a modern SG.

    Somewhere I found a suggestion to make shells by cutting down plastic hulls, instead of buying brass ones. I'm thinking about trying this if I ever get this thing to the point where I want to shoot it.
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