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    Group, I posted this question on another forum, and thought I should post here also. I will be purchasing a Sharps repro, and am leaning towards a C. Sharps for a couple of reasons. I particularly like their Semi-Custom Hartford Classic. Wait time is less than 60 days at C. Sharps. I also like the fact that their receiver is machined, and not a casting. Any opinions on the other manufacturers? This gun will be used for recreational target shooting, perhaps up to 600 yards. Probably 45-70 with a 30" tapered octagonal barrel? Opinions on case hardened finish vs French Grey? Any opinions will be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Go for it!

    I have a Pedersoli 1874 Sharps replica in .45-70, the "Billy Dixon" model (32" hex barrel). It is one of my favorite rifles. The Shiloh Sharps are thought by many to be the "premium" Sharps replicas. When I was looking for one, the Shilohs were out of my reach in terms of price. The C Sharps rifles were also pretty pricey and had a long wait time when I bought my Pedersoli, otherwise I'd have one as well. But I think my Pedersoli is also a very fine piece of work.

    I put a tang sight on the rear, and a globe sight on the front. I shoot very tight groups at 100 yards and am working my way out to 600. I shoot Black Power rounds exclusively (my own re-loads).

    The Sharps is a really fun rifle!
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