Sharp shot behind his back?

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    Walmart shooting leaves 2 dead, 2 deputies hurt - Yahoo! News

    Before I start, let me say that I feel very sorry and sad for everyone who was hurt or killed by this terrible person. However, I have some questions about the probability of the killer's hit to miss ratio.

    I can't imagine being a good aim - or even lucky aim - if I tried running and shooting behind my back without looking... and actually hitting two police officers and a bystander that were 30 to 40 feet away?!? It's not like he shot off 4 or 5 fully-loaded 15 round clips to make this happen. If I read the story correctly, he only shot about 6 or 7 times. That's a 50% hit rate without really even aiming or looking at where he was shooting, all while running. Plus, the man was said to be "heavy set", meaning his reach behind him would be somewhat hampered by his physical build.

    I'm not saying it's impossible, but it sure seems hard to do. I wonder if the facts will change as more info is processed. Thoughts regarding the probability of this?
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    According to the article, he shot when they were 30-40 yards away. I may have missed the "running" part.
    Police normally do not draw their firearms when approaching an individual for conversation.

    The police reaction had to be slower than the perp's action. If the perp was prepared and the police not, then.......

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    No, I distinctly remember reading the two witnesses' accounts. It said that he pulled a gun mid-sprint and pointed it behind him to shoot at the officers. I assumed that he continued running as he shot. It doesn't make much sense that he would stop running, but still point the gun over his back. If you are standing completely still, why would you not turn around to shoot? Unless he thought all his back fat made for good bullet proof cover?!?

    Now, I know I am making an assumption based on the small amount of info given. However, it never said that he stopped and turned, either. That means the most obvious answer is that he shot as he continued to run.