Shark Tank- Vote For Motorcycle Stabilizer Wheels

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    A friend of mine is trying to get his invention to market, it is pretty innovative and yet quite simple, they are motorcycle stabilizer wheels for large bikes that prevent you from dumping your bike when stopped. Take a look. (his email is below)

    Hello all,

    We need all of our friends and family to help with this. We are trying to get Charlie Thompson on the show "Shark Tank" for his fantastic MCPRW invention. We need all of you to use this link to create a "Shark Tank" user account. It is very easy and there will be NO spam, or advertising sent to your email. Please follow these easy steps.

    1. Click on the above link
    2. Fill out the super easy User Account Information (again no spam or advertising will be sent).
    3. Once you are done setting up the account go to the tab at the top of the page that says "Top Start Ups Of All Time"
    4. Look for Motor Cycle Stabilizer Wheels and click the icon of the Thumbs Up.

    Then your done. This user account is only used for voting, we are up against other inventors and in order for it to be a fair vote you MUST make a user account, otherwise I would sit on the computer all day just clicking the "thumbs up".