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    Sgt Miller you are right about the High Point. :)
    Was at a Gun Show in Charlotte, NC today. Looked at a 9MM and a 45ACP High Points. Felt good in the hand and only cost about $150. Had my wife hold both. She is on the small side and the 9mm fit her hand pretty good. If I had had the money, would like to have bought both. Couldn't buy either one though. Maybe next time. Not on the same scale as my S&W. But after watching your video, I would have bought.

    Thanks for your input.

    While there saw several .380 Autos for about $125. Those prices surprised me. Saw other for $250 up.
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    The key point to remember is not to get caught up in prices and brand names. That is the worst thing to do in the firearms world.

    Fire the firearm that works best for YOU, and don't let anyone tell you different.