SGL-21 Reciever

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    Greetings. First post here.
    Been searching my a** off trying to find the answer to this particular question, with no luck.

    So I'm trying to buy my first AK. And I've settled on the SGL-21.
    I have found websites selling them that state something like "Accepts any standard AK-47 Double Stack Mil. Spec. Magazine." , and places selling them that don't state this specifically.

    As far as my online research took me, I was under the impression that Arsenal, by default, modified the receivers (at least the SGL and SLR series) to be able to accept any standard AK mag.
    Is this the case, or might I be stuck with the 5rd mag that comes with the gun?

    Also, I've looked at some SAM-7's, and is the ONLY difference between these and the SGL the milled receiver? Hardly seems like a reason to tack on an extra 600 bucks to the price. Is replacing furniture on these any different than the SGL-21?

    Thanks in advance.