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    I found this in the comments section of an article on The Truth About Guns. Thought some here might enjoy it.

    " Gun control neither prevents criminals from acquiring firearms nor brutally attacking/injuring/killing citizens. So let’s illustrate the utter insanity and futility of gun control with a parallel that everyone can grasp.

    Many people claim that 1 out of 3 women will be victims of sexual assault in their lifetimes so let’s implement “sex control”.Right off the bat, the very term “sex control” comes across as ridiculous. The first thing that pops into almost everyone’s mind is, “There is no way that government can control sexual activity.” And that is correct. So let’s follow it through. Here are several aspects of sex control:

    – Sexual activity licenses are required to engage in legal sexual activity.
    – Sexual activity licenses require 8 hours of training.
    – Sexual activity license fees vary between $40 and $400.
    – Subjects of personal protection orders cannot have a license.
    – Felons cannot have a license.
    – A background check is required each time you acquire a new partner.
    – States are not required to honor sexual activity licenses from other states.
    – Government defines and criminalizes “high capacity” sexual activity.
    – Businesses who wish to sell sex products need a federal license.
    – Background checks are required for every purchase of sex products.
    – Businesses must keep a logbook of the people who buy sex products.
    – Government can inspect those logbooks any time.

    I could go on but you get the idea. This should make it quite clear how absurd sex control is in general much less as a method to reduce sexual assaults. And that should make it clear how absurd gun control is."

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    Great analogy!

    As "Married Man", however, I would not be greatly affected by such legislation....
    In fact, I would be in favor of annual re certification requirements....;)
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    That saying about "gun control means using both hands" just got a little grody. :p NO THUMB! :eek:
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    ;)I tried to convice my wife that marriage licenses had to be renewed every 5 yrs.

    my scars barely show anymore