Several dead in home invasion including the invaders

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    Talk about a lose lose lose situation. Dad lost his son his daughter and his wife. I bet he doesn't give a damn about surviving.

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    Good for him and its sucks bad to be him all in the same breath!
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    Ditto :(
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    Wow. This is too close to home. My daughter ran away from home at 16. She got arrested for shoplifting. We brought her home. She tried to kill herself. I held her down on the floor until law enforcement arrived. She was locked up in the mental hospital for a few days. She had cocaine and Marijuana in her system. We brought her home again. She tried to kill herself again. The took her away again. MJ and Benzos this time. They kept her a couple days again. They gave her back to us again. She said she would do it again. We let her leave. We did not se her again for about a year. The she called us out of the blue. We got to meet her dead beat boyfriend...who she ended up having a kid with later and then marrying. He of course abandoned them. She has spent time telling us she loves us, then at a moments notice telling us she hates us and wants to die. Right now she is being nice because she needs us. She is raising a 3 1/2 year old by herself. We are constantly helping her. But she doesn't see it. I will not take her shooting of give her a gun. I don't think she would try to hurt us. But I just don't know what could really happen. Of course it is all our fault.

    I feel so bad for that father. I can not imagine what that must have been like to have to kill your own child.
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    Rick, I'm sorry your daughter is acting like that. I can't imagine being in your shoes.

    As for the dad in the article, if I were him I'm not sure I would be able to deal with that. Especially if I didn't have any immediate family left.
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    It a damn shame it really is, to lose that much family in one instence I cant imagine how that man feels.

    It makes you wonder how the kid could have gone down hill that far if it was drugs or what it was still a damn shame no matter how you look at it
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    Rick buddy, your post really got me and my heart goes out to you. As a family man I can sympathize... You want to be there for them and provide... You hope in your heart that they will straighten out... but in all honesty they have to want to change before anything else happens.

    I would concentrate on being there for that little one... be the strong figure that child needs in their life. Let your daughter come to whatever conclussions she wants to... But above all, you got to think about your well being also. You can't help anyone if you don't take care of yourself first. Remember... It is NOT "all your fault". Don't give up on family... and yes, I would say with her history it's a good idea to keep her separated from firearms.

    ..If you need someone to sound off on anytime, PM me. I mean it. Good luck in your situation my friend.
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    That family will be in my prayers tonight...along with you rick...I have a sister the same way as you described your daughter. Dead beat boyfriend and two kids and a math addiction.
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