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    As a young man who wants to serve his country, I love to hear veterans tell interesting storeis from their time in the armed forces. My grandfather has told me some pretty funny ones from his times, along with some serious ones. The funny one happened when he and another G.I. started to exchange words. The Sergeants said if they wanted to fight they could. So they threw them in a ring with some gloves and.... blindfolds! they had guys from the sides poking them with broomsticks so they were swinging at air! He said he heard a lot of laughing and that he never even hit the guy. The serious one was about his time on the grenade range. One guy just froze he said and boom, the Sergeant and him were in the bunker when the grenade went off. He said the instructors sheperded them away and wouldn't let anyone look.

    Stories are always great, so lets hear some!
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    A serious one. Last Memorial day I spent my time with my Grandfather and my cousin (my age). It was a nice day out for lunch and test driving his new car =). We started talking about his war stories later that day and here is one he told us.

    He fought in the Korean War at Chosin Reservoir in the 1st Marine Div. His squad was out on a patrol and they had just been assigned a green Lt (Fresh out of school) and with him a core man. About the 7th night out they were bedding down as usual, taking precautions for their safety such as setting traps and a perimeter. What they would do was to take trip cord and run it ankle height around the tree basins then run the cord up to face height and tie it off to a grenade pin.

    Well one night this Lt got up to pee and walked to far off and forgot about the grenades. My grandpa said this thing practically blew his head off but he was still alive. The coreman grabbed my grandfather and told him to shove the Lt's brains back in his head and hold the flap of skin/hair back in place. My grandfather looked at him holding his hands out and said but I haven't washed my hands in 4 months. He said it doesn't matter just do it and so he did. They tied a band around his head to hold it in place and evacuated him.

    Later on he heard that the LT made it as far a Floating hospital but died shortly there after ( not quite sure what it was but I thought it was a carrier off Korea) He also saw an article from the Lt's mom pleading that if anyone had any knowledge of her Son's whereabouts to please contact her. My grandfather said he did not contact her because he did not know what to say. "What would I tell her? That her dumbass son got up to take a piss and blew his head off on a grenade trap he helped set"

    -Marine Sgt David Cooksley

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    heres a kinda funny one from an US Army Specialist Four C CO, 1ST BN, 35TH INFANTRY, in veitnam

    i read this in a letter that was sent to myfather from his brother. i will put into my own words.

    So he had been over there for a few months and he back had started bothering him. we requested a air mattress ( or something to the same effect ) and it was taking them for ever to get it to him. being short fuse guy he was he was rather upset with the army. well one day he heard mail call and they called his name he walks over and opens a box and there it is. he was so happy. then his NCO came over and said it was time for them to do a four patrol. he loaded up everything including the mattress. first night the bed down for the night. his unit gets attacked and the lil battle lasted about an hour. everyone was alright but when he returned to his bed the air mattress had about 60 holes in it. needless to say he was rather pissed.

    my family shares this story often. we only wish he was here to tell it.

    RIP uncle david
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    My OCS class was a bit weird- 95% of us were prior service- NCOs on our way to becoming 2LTs. You might notice that we were older than the average candidate, and when wearing Class A's a LOT more fruit salad, but in fatigues, just another bunch of "white sidewall haircut" candidates.

    Class lecture, unconventional warfare. Instructor getting into the scenario- "At approximately 1900 hours, the unit began receiving probes from the Northern sector, and responded with grenade launchers. At that time.... Yes- question in the back?"

    "Sir- Candidate Smith- It did not happen quite that way. The first probes were from the East."

    Instructor freezes, looks down at his notes- "Candidate Smith- were you a SSG?"

    "Sir, Candidate Smith- Yes sir. That was the night I got my Silver Star."

    Instructor realized the central figure in his combat history lesson was sitting in the class. He tossed his sheaf of notes over his shoulder, and motioned my classmate to come down to the front- and had him complete the lecture.
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    Missing a pocket in Bootcamp

    It's a little long but give it a chance.

    Your first personnel inspection in working uniform was around the 2nd week and every week after that you could expect another like clockwork. Nothing you could do would be perfect, everybody would fail for something. Even if meant a fly landed on your shoulder it would be considered "Gear Adrift" and a couple hours of "Extreme Physical Activities would be assigned. The challenge was to be so perfect that you failed for the stupidest things.

    Mid way through boot camp I had saved 2 pairs of dungrees for the last half of boot. A tip that somebody whispered in the chow line from a company that was a month ahead. I thought it was brilliant.

    We had 30 minutes to prepare our racks, lockers, uniforms and clean the room. Remove any dust that maybe found in the bottom of the trash can. Kill all flies in the room. etc.. By week Five 30mins is plenty of time when everybody is now working as a team. We can do this stuff without even speaking.

    Just minutes before the inspector walk in i stroll over a unfold my "perfect" dungarees, slip them on and start to tie my mirrored boondockers. I start my belt into the loops...... but..... on the last loop the belt would not go through. It appears the beltloop had been sewn shut. Having never worn them i didn't know!

    I panic a bit- not much but a little. Any minute the Company Commander will walk in. 2 other guys see my despair and start untieing my shoes as I kick off my pants. I reach into my locker and pull my other never worn pair. I get them on, belt goes through all the way. People are buffing out my shoes as I tuck my shirt.

    I feel there is no time for folding the sewn belt loop pants so I lift up my mattress and throw the dungress under and retighten the sheets. I run out to the line and stand tall.

    The whole company is now ready. We are all motionless and shining. A fellow recruit across the way starts scanning me as a last check. I remember his fear as he said. "Thompson, your front pocket is missing"

    Now I freak out. My 2nd new pair of pants did not have a pocket sewn on at all. Seconds was all we had. I dropped pants in the middle of the barracks floor and this time 5 people where helping me. I had full attention and fear of 80 guys who all had the look of concern. One guy getting another pair, one guy buffing my shoes, one guy standing there completely in fear for me.

    This 2nd pair of Dungarees were flung under my mattress along with the first pair.

    It what had to be a world record, I had changed into an old more faded pair. I straightened my shirt and was gettin on the line as the door flung open.



    He turns to my Master At Arms. ANY THING I SHOULD KNOW ABOUT?


    I sunk a bit in fear, he should have just kept his mouth shut. The footsteps became louder until he was in my face.


    "Yes Sir, I changed into another pair." I tell him.

    In a much softer tone. "Thompson, just where are those pants?"

    I took a deep breath and said "Under my mattress"

    His face turned red, "WTF IS THE WRONG WITH YOU! They will find that THOMPSON... YOU WILL BE MINE ON SUNDAY"
    He turned and ran to my rack, lifted the corner and grabbed a pair of dungarees. Just then the Base CO walked in with 5 other guys all with clipboards. My CC runs to the front with my pants in hand. He had no time to hide them.

    "Fine looking group of Sailors" as he strolls in ...pauses and looks down at the pants in my Company Commander's hands. "Care to explain why you are holding a pair of dungrees in your hand?" Captain asks.

    "OH yes Sir it appears we have a dumba$$ in the room that can't count pockets- He only has 3"

    Capt. looks at the 5 other "officers with clipboards" and says, "You guys ever hear of such a thing? " Silence.

    "Well let me see these dungarees....." He looks them over and says "well, here's a pop quiz... I count 4 high can you count?"

    It appears that my Company Commander grabbed the pair of pants that had the belt loop sewn shut.

    I couldn't see his reaction. There was silence but extreme heat coming from that direction. I was looking straight ahead at my buddy across the room. His eyes got wide and his lips moved to say. "Youre F#$K3d.