service six good grip question?

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    i have a police service six, i have a set of big pachmayr grips that came on it. i ordered some mustang grips from numrich but they didn't come with the studs or screw and after finding a screw and installing them i had to use bicycle innertube to stretch over them to close them up togetherbecause of no studs. i'm gonna conceal or at least try to this revolver. i need a small as in short and thin grip so it will be as easy as possible to conceal. thanks for any help
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    The pin can be made from a #8x32x3/4" machine screw. just cut off the head. It is a very tight 5/32" in diameter and a hair under 3/4" long. I still have a set of original small grips from a Security Six and they should be the same. I dug them out and measured. I always liked the Hogue grips. If I remember correctly they were 1/2" longer than the metal and had a good taper to the butt. They fit flush to the back strap and they are only about $20. Lots of grips available on Ebay. I have been keeping my eye out for a good 3" Speed Six at a good price. Usually someone has put monster grips on them.
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