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    Block 15 of the FFL application states, "If You Have Served in the Armed Forces, Provide the Service Serial Number and Military Branch". Now since I came in after Service Serial Numbers were used and Socials took their place; do I have to provide my social? I know earlier in the application it says your SSN is voluntary so I put N/A in that block. I just want to make sure that is correct before I send it off.
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    For all you youngsters- at one time, members of the Armed Forces had a "Service Number". That stopped July 1, 1969. Those that entered service after that date never had a Service Number.

    Supplying your SSAN is voluntary- it may speed up the process if you have a common name. I have one friend that is the only person in the US (so far as we know) that has that first and last name. But if you are Robert Jones, odds are that somewhere, a Bob Jones has been in trouble. (have another friend that is a retired Police Captain from Virginia- John Smith. Yep- Cpt. John Smith of Virginia. Don't ask him about Pocahontas)

    Me, I had TWO service numbers. One when I was enlisted, one as an officer. Wonder which one they would want for me? :D

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    For the old man that had a service number I understand, thanks for the reply.
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    Thanx for the history lesson C3.
    I find a little "useless" info can come in handy from time to time. ;^)

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