Seriously thinking about selling my old S&W M22A

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by CrazedJava, Mar 16, 2013.

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    I have one of the first run M22A .22 LR Semi-auto. You can tell it's older because the rail on top is the older style.

    I had given this to my brother-in-law for awhile. He had some work done on it as the gun was a jam-o-matic. I could never get a full magazine through it without a feed problem or FTE. At one point I found the plastic recoil buffer was cracked.

    Brother-in-law took it to a gunsmith and also got some new recoil buffers. The new buffers are thicker than the original. Not sure what work was done, but when I took it to the range it was only a marginal improvement.

    My plan is to eventually put some mini-mags through it and see if it does any better.

    I'd really like to sell but in good conscience have a hard time offloading it on someone knowing the problems it has. I also don't want to just dump it cheap either, but then I have that whole good conscience problem again.

    Other than the constant jamming, the gun is in great condition. I've inspected it multiple times and see no problems with it. Pretty damn accurate for a 4" barrel. Would be an awesome gun if not for the reliability problems.