Serious thread- active shooter response

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by c3shooter, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. c3shooter

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    For those that work in schools, have family that works in schools, attends a school- or frequents public places-

    In recent times- we have seen too many instances of 1-2 people that have taken control over dozens- HUNDREDS of other people- because they were armed with a weapon, and the others were not.

    In most of these cases, the perps were not trained professionals, but rank amateurs. They were able to inflict the damage they did due to their victims acting defensively. While I will grant you that the first graders in CT would be hard put to go on the offense- how about VA Tech- Columbine, or the Aurora theater?

    This video should be some food for thought, It is not a perfect answer. People will still be hurt or killed- but I would contend a hell of a lot LESS people.

    In a former life I ran a police dept for a large, very active health care facility. On a regular basis we would respond to incidents of violent people- ranging from the ER to psych unit. We were damned good at taking the violent person down- usually with minimal injury to them- we had a plan, it would be executed aggressively and forcefully.

    It does not matter if you have a M60 belt fed if you are face down on the floor with 4 people on top of you.

    Please share this- again, it is not a perfect answer- but worth thinking about.

  2. JSStryker

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    Outstanding video C3! This needs to be mandatory training in every Jr High, Intermediate and High school in this country.

  3. Axxe55

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    very good video! you're right, that it may not be the perfect answer, but if it could reduce the number of people killed, then it seems to be at least a viable option.
  4. Gonzilla

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    Excellent idea - would require regular drills to be effective. Hard to train people to move toward gunfire rather than away but it will reduce casualties.
  5. CJohn364

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    That's an awesome video and great information. This is what we all need to be learning. So we can add it to our tool kit.
  6. earl1412

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    Thanks C3, I've sent the link to my teacher friend, hopefully it'll get passed around and watched.
  7. Zombiegirl

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    Very good video. Hubby and I watch things like this in TacTV a lot. Schools and places of employment should all be proactive, unfortunately we live in a reactive society that reacts in the wrong way. I will be sharing this video. :)
  8. purehavoc

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    I have passed this on to my wife and hopefully she will pass this onto her other teachers and admin at the school . A training like this would be great so long as they had a quick drill practice a couple times a month to keep them refreshed . A quick refresher would take them about 10 min to practice it a couple of times and keep them on top of things , Really no reason they couldnt do this weekly