sending a handgun via mail.

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    ok i just called colt to send my python in for service as it has devoloped a little wiggle in the cylinder when the hammer is cocked. the nice lady on the other end said i can send it to them without an ffl for service and they will send it back. i thought you had to send a firearm ffl to ffl?? she said i have to use fedex or ups.
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    I would send it through an FFL anyways. Reasons: Some state statutes, and additional tracking.

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    thats what im gonna do i was wondering if she was right or not. she said new york was the only state where i couldnt send back to the manufacturer directly for service.
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    I believe, barring local laws, only a transfer between individuals, in different states, requires an FFL receive the gun and process the 4473. A gun going in for work can go door-to-door. USPS restricts gun shipment to "licensed persons," however, so it may be worth the extra aggrevation to have your FFL ship it for you.
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    There are two different matters here- SHIPPING a handgun, and MAILING a handgun.

    In general, when the TRANSFER of ownership of a firearm is taking place, and it crosses a state line, it must be shipped TO a FFL. This is governed by 18 US Code, section 922. Giving your Dad in the next state a gun, or selling one to me? Ship it to a FFL in the receiver's home state. Sending a gun to the mfgr for repair? They ARE a FFL holder (manufacturer) and no transfer of ownership takes place- they are fixing, and returning to the same person. Going hunting in Montana? You can mail your rifle to yourself, in care of the hunting lodge. The executor of an estate CAN ship a firearm to a person in another state when it is bequeathed to them.

    Second issue is use of the US mail- governed by the Domestic Mail Manual. Rifles and shotguns (unloaded) CAN be sent by the US Mail- by unlicensed persons. However, HANDGUNS may not be mailed except by a licensed DEALER or MANUFACTURER in the normal course of business shipments. YOU cannot mail a handgun unless YOU are a dealer or manufacturer. I am a FFL- an 03- Collector of Curio & Relic firearms, and I cannot mail handguns- not a dealer.

    That leaves UPS or FedEx. THEY will ship it for you, but due to theft from shipments, require that all handguns be shipped NEXT DAY AIR. Law says you must notify them shipment is a firearm. That will run you about $70. However, a dealer can mail it for you, using US Priority Mail flat rate box. And it is sometimes cheaper to have them ship it for you. For a warranty repair, a manufacturer will sometimes send you a UPS shipping label- package the unloaded gun (nothing visible on package that says gun), attach label, and call for pickup.
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    c3, you need to change your signature. Because that was definitely NOT a failure to communicate.
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    thanks c3 that was a good explanation. im gonna check price for my shipping. my local ffl guy is the true value store they only charge me 15$