Senate Committe Appointed to Investigate S&P Downgrade

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Sniper03, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Sniper03

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    Here We Go Again! Go Figure!

    From Newsmax.

    According to an aid for the administration they are considering appointing a Senate Committee to investigate S&P and the Downgrade!
    Sounds kind of familiar! Kind of like when they investigated Joe the plumber for his comments. Chicago Politics at its best! If some one calls you out then threaten them! Or conspire to take them down!

    Once again attack the messenger scenario!

    And God let's not ever accept responsibility for being part of the problem.
    Blame everyone else and act like a G.D. juvenile delinquent.
    That is the class I have put them in! Of course they think the American public is plain stupid. Unfortunately too many are!

    If this happens which it probably will looking at their past history, guess who is going to pay the bill for the Senate Investigation.
  2. CA357

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    "For God so loved the World that He didn't send a committee."

  3. dunerunner

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    Of Course!! But let us not investigate why the White House lobbied all three reporting agencies to maintain the AAA rating and solicited them not to downgrade it!! :mad:
  4. Bigcountry02

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  5. freefall

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    Why doesn't Obama just appoint his own committee to harrass them?
  6. orangello

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    Funny thing, even on CNN's website, the poll question "Do you agree with the decision to downgrade the credit rating of the United States?" Is running about 54%Yes to 46%No. I think a lot of people see valid reason to question the ability/willingness of the U.S. to be responsible for its financial obligations.
  7. anm2_man

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    He should call holder and have him file lawsuits just like they did to my state (Arizona) and Georgia.

    This administration is just filled with Duchebags
  8. Mack Bolan

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    Yes indeedy!!!
  9. alsaqr

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    Let's face it, the US gov't is a very bad credit risk. The proper rating would be in the range of junk bonds. The US owes so much money that it will never, ever be paid off. At some point the gov't will default and stiff everyone who owns US debt. When an individual or his family gets so far in debt that they can never get out banks will not loan them any more money and they go bankrupt.

    The US debt has gone up every year for the past 54 years.
  10. aandabooks

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    Maybe the US should quit giving handouts to every country in the world. Then we can use that money to get our house in order. We give out more money/product than any in the world.
  11. Sniper03

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    You have that correct 100%. Why continue to give aid to countries that behind the doors hate us and think how gullible we are for continuing to hand out billions of dollars to them. When will they wake up! You can not buy friendship and I believe that is what the idiots think! Billions and Billions so I fully agree lets stop now! They will be fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq until the end of time since they have been since the beginning of time. Let us remember the Crusades. Why waste our effort. Of course if anyone messes with the USA after that we just need to do the whole country from the air with no troops on the ground! The only thing left would be ZERO!The only thing they understand is brute force not diplomacy. We are just fooling ourselves. But who ever said we had intelligent government officials now days! We certainly do not, it is very obvious! And none with a set of B--ls for years. I want Oliver North for President and Gen Schwarzkopf for VP!!!
    Things would change quickly I'll bet!:D

  12. AcidFlashGordon

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    Basically the truth. As my letter to our local News 3 morning show notes (they read it on air):

  13. alxltd1

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    Problem is you still are giving the president someone else to blame. While I agree that partisan politics is not serving the country well, the president shares the responsibility for this financial crisis as much as or more so than congress. Congress can become gridlocked and become ineffective, but the president is the one who has set policy direction, which is failing miserably to resolve any of the issues and just adds to the overspending which precipitated the downgrade by S&P. The president has made a career out of blaming others and never taking responsibility for his actions and their results. So telling him he is mad at the wrong people only perpetuates the myth that he is blameless.