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    Hi, I need to know if there are any web sites with descriptive Senario's of home invasion and how one should act with a handgun used for protection.

    I have been searching the internet and have found some personal accounts of what happen to that person.

    I realize every situation will be different, but I would like learn from Professional how to handle different situations, so as to have the proper mindset, should I need to react.

    Thanks, the other thing every State has different rules as to how one can protect yourself, but there has to be General rule of thumb in order to protect yourself and family members.

    Also, are there any situation senario's for conducting yourself when outside your home.
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    IMO, there are so many variables to such a scenario. The best thing would be to enroll in a self defense school. You will have the chance at realistic training at some of the better schools.

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    CCW Responsibilties

    Thanks to Canebrake and Benning Boy for the Great information on CCW
    for openning up the door to saving my life etc.

    That is great information, every one with a handgun should read.

    Thanks again