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    Hello, I am new to semi-automatic handguns and was wondering what is a CZ, what is a XD? What is the difference in your opinion between automatic and semi-automatic and non-automatic handguns?
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    CZ is a brand, XD is a model (Springfield), auto means it shoots as long as you hold down the trigger or more than one shot per trigger pull, semi-auto means it shoots one cartridge per trigger pull, non semi-auto means it is either a single shot, mutiple single shot (mutiplebarrel derringer) or revolver.
    A true auto firearm is very expensive and takes all sort of federal paperwork to own and may still be illegal to own depending on the state you live in.
    I like some semi auto handguns also like some revolvers.

    I have the following semi autos handguns:
    CZ 75 Compact
    Bersa Thunder 380 auto
    Amt AutoMag II (22 WMR)

    I have the following revolvers:
    Ruger SP-101, 3" barrel, 5 shot, stainless revolver in 357 magnum
    Ruger SP-101, 4" barrel, 6 shot, stainless revolver in 32 H&R magnum
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    CZ is an abbreviation for Ceska Zbrojovka (roughly translated at Czech Arms Manufacture, located in Uhersky Brod, Czech Republic). XD stands for 'Xtreme Duty', the latest line of pistol designs from Springfield Armory.

    Other CZ-oriented web sites are and A wealth of information on the line of pistols/rifles on either site.

    Springfield Armory ( has the entire line-up of pistols (even though I lean towards the CZ, I am seriously considering adding a 1911-design pistol to my accumulation).