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Semi 22 or 25

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Any thoughts on a full sized .22 or .25 semi for plinking cans and such. I'd like a full size pistol though. I don't like the two finger grip. Or maybe a .32?

This is not to be considered a defensive weapon, just for inexpensive fun.
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The ONLY choice is a .22 as far as being inexpensive to shoot,accurate,and fun to shoot. My reccomendation is a ruger,either mk2 or mk3.
22 Conversion Kit

I have only good things to say about my Wilson Combat 22 conversion kit for a 1911. It is as accurate as a typical low cost 22 full size and about the same price, plus it fits all my 1911 leather. Another up side is you can practice draw and first shot placement with the 22, and then change over to the 45 when ready. Because you use your 45 lower the trigger pull remains the same also.
I have also seen 22 conversions for the Beretta 92, any others out there I don't know about.
John Q.
I agree with the others, .22 is the way to go. Many great .22 pistols out there, both revolver and semi-auto. A couple of years ago, my wife bought me a SigArms .22 semi-auto, Mosquito. Great plinker, great accuracy and reliable. Cheap to shoot, fun to shoot. It is a scaled down (90%) version of the SigArms P226. I have large hands and the gun fits me well. They aren't cheap, but quality seldom is.

Several options.

Here's mine....
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