Selling a Antique Handgun Online?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Trez, May 28, 2012.

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    Ive decided I want to sell my late 1800's J. Stevens Diamond model pistol, so I can fix my T38 Carbine (I finally understand you Mosin people, I have it just as bad for my Arisakas!:eek: )

    Im kinda lost on shipping for it though, It is a antique but its chambered in .22 LR (read that they are rarer than just the .22 short ones), Does it matter any that its in a "modern" chambering?

    Also any tips for selling on a auction site like gunbroker? I know one of our members tried to sell a Mosin, but the buyer ended up not wanting it because of a forced matched buttplate, (Honestly, is there any such thing as a "all original" Mosin? :rolleyes: ) I would just like to avoid a fiasco like this...

    Thanks! :)
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    First, an antique firearm is defined by law. If the firearm was made PRIOR to the year 1899, it is not a firearm, but an antique firearm. As such, it falls outside the 1968 Gun Control Act. By FEDERAL law, it can be shipped directly to the buyer (State laws vary, especially NY, NJ, CA) and CAN be sent by US Mail.

    For future readers- this does not mean that the MODEL of the gun was made prior to 1899, but that the specific gun in question was made before 1899.

    Other antique firearms include those that can only be loaded with loose ball and powder (muzzle loader, ball and cap, etc) no matter how old.

    Modern REPRODUCTIONS of antique cartridge arms are not antiques if they are made in a cartridge that is available in normal business and trade.

    Regarding your auction- GOOD pictures, GOOD descriptions. The guy complaining about a M-N buttplate sounds like a PITA. But do not surprise bidders. Collectors of antiques generally have different expectations than someone looking to buy their first rifle. Show the warts- good photos, good detail, lighting, in focus.

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    Many of that model were made after 1898. And as far as I know no one can date them with any accuracy.