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    The best one to use no matter what your level of training or armament would be common sense. If you wouldn't go someplace without a Doberman, a shotgun, and a pistol, you don't need to be there at all.

    Another self defense tactic would be hang up the %$*# cell phone. You can't be aware of your surroundings if you're trying to carry on a conversation. Knowing what is going on around you is critical.

    Self defense doesn't begin when you're about to get your butt handed to you. It begins by avoiding the threat in the first place.

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    Hi. Welcome from U.S.A. :)
    Always resist. Always.
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    Your more likely to survive by doing what doc says.

    Guns weapons fighting running hiding are things you do AFTER things have gone to hell and your about to be killed raped kidnapped robbed.

    For example when I get a cell call outside home I find a handy wall or someplace I can put my back to while I talk. I don't go to Milwaukee or chitcago after dark. I don't go to chitcago at all if I can help it. I live in between both hell holes. I look at everyone in the eye. When you act like a prey item you become one.

    I always look for exits and cover to duck behind. I keep my car doors locked.

    Book I can recommend is called the "cornered cat". It's a book aimed at women but it applies to men as well. Very good read on self defense
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    I highly recommend any mall ninja training that one can find.;)
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    Things might be very different in India.

    no offense and none taken
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    I felt this entire post bore repeating.

    Be alert, and aware of your surroundings.

    I have to agree that not putting yourself into a crappy situation

    in the first place
    is 99% of pro-active self defense.

    If you have to fight, be quick, vicious, merciless and dirty. Spit,

    bite, blind, kick, use improvised weapons like broken bottles, sticks,

    pencils and pens, and rocks. The real trick, once you realize it is on,

    is going to be giving yourself enough time to clear your holster, if

    you are armed.
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    Avoid trash talking and don't argue with strangers!
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    Don't use your phone in movie theaters.
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    (mind your own business)

    I have always lived by the credo "don't mess with me and i won't mess with you"

    However, when the time comes and you are "messed with":

    - #1 protect yourself. Hands up and position yourself to be able to react( or attack)

    - be aware of your surroundings. Is there an escape route? Don't corner yourself. Get to an area that a bystander may see whats going on. Will yelling or a whistle draw attention?

    -arm yourself(if comfortable) with anything you can find....stick, rock, car keys, knife, bottle, umbrella, belt, handful of dirt, dog poop, ....anything

    - remember there is no such thing as a dirty fight in a defensive situation.....punch, kick, bite, eye gouge, fishhook, knee to the groin, chop to the throat, throw the handful of dirt in the eyes, smoosh the dog poop on their face......anything to survive
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    Best defense is not putting yourself in a dangerous position in the first place. Night time, "shortcuts", abandoned areas are all areas used by criminals to take advantage of you.

    Anything you do that takes your attention away from the here and now, can make you a victim and cost you your life. Cell phones, iPods, Walkman, book, newspaper or anything that takes your attention away from your immediate surroundings and those people around you are deadly.

    Keep your attention on anyone watching or following you. Learn to use reflective surfaces (car glass, glass storefronts, polished steel or chrome) to watch behind you. If you feel you're being followed, either stop where there are people (in a store or restaurant) or turn towards populated areas.

    If all else fails and you find yourself being attacked, do not shut down and do not quit fighting. Scratch, hit, pull hair, use keys on vital areas - all these collect DNA for LEO investigation. Use anything available - sticks, bricks, rocks, knives, knitting needles, purse, backpack and strike frequently and aggressively. Scream for help and report incident to police as soon as possible after the attack.

    Many people get attacked, but criminals are usually hunting for those who they can get an immediate advantage on, which are usually not paying any attention to their immediate surroundings. If you watch people in a mall or grocery store with the idea of following them and stealing something, your mind will quickly be able to choose the weakest of the pack. By training your mind in the ways of a criminal, you'll be far less likely to be the target of one.
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    Some if the best tactics you can apply is what Craig Douglas "Southnarc" refers to as Managing Unknown Contacts. I'd recommend to go to a search engine and type in something along the lines of "Southnarc Managing Unknown Contacts PDF". There is close to a 20 page PDF of easy reading with photos of preemptive tactics you can use to avoid a potential violent encounter all together.
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    Robbers, thugs, "knockout game" idiots, and their like are predators. Predators are always looking for the young, weak and infirm, don't be one of them.

    You almost never see lions, attack the herd bull. Herd bulls are too dangerous, it's easier to prey on those that don't seem to be a threat. I'm not saying become a mall ninja to the "nth" degree, but don't make it easy on the predators, follow the advice already given and give this page a read, especially the "Combat mindset" portion.
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    I recommend buying and reading this book. It's not the only book or maybe even the best but it covers a lot of information.

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    Run Forest, RUN!