SEI M14, SR25, or Both?

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    For those who have owned or do own both rifles, were there any show stopping events encountered with the SR25 or any strong feelings, positive or negative, towards the SR25?

    I already purchased a SEI rifle and I am thinking about pulling the trigger on a lightly used SR25 with a 24" barrel. I like AR's, but I've only ever owned and shot 556 AR's. Anyone have any commentary on 762 AR's?

    I am mounting a Trijicon TARS to either rifle, if optics selection figures into the selection of the rifle in any way. The scope seems to sit slightly high on the M14, but the SEI cheek pad makes up for it.

    If I capture the SR25, I want to put a MagPul UBR on it so I can square up on the rifle, which is more to my liking. I realize that there's some custom work on the buffer and buffer spring that has to be done to make this possible. Anyone ever done this to their SR25?

    I'm pretty sure the rifles will only ever be used for punching holes in paper and perforating small pieces of miscellaneous trash like soda cans at ranges out to 600 yards or so. Short of the outbreak of WWIII or Martians landing, I can't see the rifles having to be used in any serious way.

    Normally I only keep one range toy at a time, but there's a first time for everything, right?

    Should I nab the SR25, too?
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    I own a DPMS LR308 flat-top and while its very accurate, going from 5.56 to 7.62 Nato is an eye opener in that everything weighs and cost double. My rifle needed a stock and a trigger (both were pretty bad ) the trigger felt like a rusty skil saw but I had that fixed and she is sweet to shoot. Other than the expense of bought ammo (cant find any mil-surplus anymore) and the muzzle heavy weight compared to my 5.56 its a great rifle. Remingtons R25 is the exact same rifle made by DPMS with a float tube installed. I believe that SR25's are made by Knights Armament = probably a great rifle IMHO.

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    Chris Kyle loved the Sr25. Nuff said!:D

    I have a DPMS LR308-AP4. I love the AR platform in .308. I'd get a SR-25 today if I could afford it.